Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

That was from my week in Destin in 2013. I think I'd be a good travel blogger for the common man. 

  • Final chance to sign up for the Liberally Lean Pick-Em Tourney. Games begin this morning. 

  • Footage has been released this morning of the Russian plane dumping fuel on an American drone before clipping it. 

  • From the Liberally Lean Weather Center: (1) The best chance of storms today in Wise County is around 3:00 p.m. but this will be hit and miss. (2) What is for certain is the cold front hitting at 5:30 with temperatures dipping to 36 degrees tomorrow morning with a high of 51 on Friday. 
  • The installation of underground fiber cables in Bridgeport has been like a bull in a china shop.

  • This guy who was booked in yesterday at the Wise County Jail has some all-time aliases. 

  • Trump leads DeSantis in a brand new Quinnipiac poll of Republicans for their choice in the primaries:

  • Here we go again at Fort Hood with yet another death. The army is being tight lipped about the investigation. 

  • Fort Worth Weekly is pulling no punches in a juicy story about a seedy relationship inside the far right wing cell phone company Patriot Mobile which is really a PAC.

  • This story came out last night. Heck, the whole team was almost there. 

  • "The son of former NHL player and interim Philadelphia Flyers GM Daniel Briere is accused of pushing an unoccupied wheelchair down the stairs at a bar in a disturbing surveillance video." The video really does show what a jerk move this was. He's a hockey star in his own right at Mercyhurst College.

  • It was very satisfying when this guy from Longview got tazed. Few people have ever deserved it more than him. Video. (Language warning.)

  • Your reminder that on 9/4/19 I predicted Zeke Elliott would be cut this off seasonThe fill-in hosts on the Ticket this morning said he probably "had two or three more years left." You know, I'm not sure he'll get any job at all.  Here are the all-time Cowboys rushing leaders:

    • G = Games played in. Att = Rushing attempts. AV=Some confusing analytical "value" rating.
  • Very random legal stuff about tort reform: A $50,000,000 punitive damage award in Georgia was reduced by the Georgia Supreme Court to $250,000 yesterday. If you are anti-tort reform, it could be a pretty good case to use as an example. 
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