Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of Sandy Hook. Above is what I posted that morning which was the first indication I had of how bad it was. Those numbers turned out to be exactly right. 

  • Athena Strand tidbits I've picked up.
    • It looks like Bill Ray of Fort Worth has been court appointed as the defendant's attorney per county records.
    • The feeling I'm getting is that authorities do not believe portions of the original confession are true -- I mentioned Friday that I didn't believe parts of it either. 
    • There is a subsequent statement given by the defendant.  I don't know what's in it. 
  • Nothing like waking up to a tornado warning. Decatur even fired off the warning sirens at 7:12 a.m. The official warning was set to expire at 7:45 . . . 

    • . . . but they refined and narrowed the area to east of Decatur around 7:20 a.m.

    • Edit: There are some reports of damage southeast of Decatur. This looks like a video of roof damage.  Here's a video with some very colorful Wise County language of what appears to be two guys filming a tornado this morning.
    • Edit: This is the bulletin from FEMA hot off the presses. We've got a possible serious injury.

    • Edit: 287 south of Decatur closed due to debris (?) per National Weather Service at 8:29 a.m.  And FM 703 south of Decatur is closed due to downed power lines and debris.
  • Two people were injured, but not killed, in a small plane crash in Carrollton last night. Honestly, I'm surprised these images are from the same story but they are

  • I told you I thought the officer in his Fort Worth murder trial should testify, and he did. This should be enough to obtain a not guilty verdict. But don't run off to Vegas to bet big money on it.

  • Crypto is a scam.

  • "Let me just have a grand jury indict a guy with two of the most heinous offenses imaginable, destroy his life, and then just dismiss the cases later for 'insufficient evidence'." - Some prosecutor's attitude in this case.

  • Even an arrest that doesn't result in charges causes immeasurable damage. From yesterday:

  • I thought I was keeping up with the chaos out there, but I completely missed that the El Paso District Attorney flat out resigned a few days ago. A capital murder case against a mass murderer is just languishing.

  • The Special Master is officially gone in Trump's Document Case after an appellate court had to tell a renegade federal judge she was out of her mind for not dismissing the case from the beginning. She dutifully complied yesterday. All she did was muck up the works for a couple of months. 

  • Holy cow. Crazy Texas's own Don Huffines would have become crazy Kari Lake's chief of staff.

    • And how crazy is Huffines? Here's a recent example: 

  • Wow. It was just announced Mike Leach has now passed away. He was 61.