Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

That was way before Trump's attempted wall. 

  • The conspiracy theories promoted by the nutcases out there were tossed to the side yesterday after the FBI released the details on the political attack on Paul Pelosi. Always remember that the most gullible people in society are all around you.  

  • This is not in my old-man-wheelhouse, but a lot of people seem very upset over this breaking news this morning. 

  • I hardly ever see stories about big medical malpractice verdicts, but today each of the local papers have the headlines below. The plaintiffs lawyers listed are Seth McCloskey in the Fort Worth case and "Charla Aldous and Brent Walker [who] worked with Bruce Steckler and Austin Smith" in the Dallas case.

  • Four days left in early voting. Wise County has now had 10,354 people vote which is around 20% of all registered voters. 
  • Tarrant county criminal case:
    • 2018 headline:

    • Last week was the murder trial:

  • Let's check in on Elon Musk.
    • He wants to charge $20 for a blue checkmark.

    • He got rid of the board of directors.

  • Grapevine is getting another hotel waterpark but . . . 

    • . . . Timeshares?

  • Greg Abbott is as close to Wise County as he's going to get this morning. He's at Tarrant Parkway and Beach Street in North Fort Worth beginning right now. It sounds like a big crowd

  • Bias training: A video depicting a mock trial, produced by Texas Justice Court Training Center, was formally shown to Justices of the Peace in Texas to teach them how to handle those kind of cases. The fictional defendant in the case was named "Danny Deadbeat." Uh, you see a problem here? The video has now been taken down but, of course, it was saved. (Dallas Observer story.)