Random Monday Morning Thoughts

It was a pretty bad one. 

  • It's Halloween so be on the look out for Beto skateboarding through your neighborhood and handing out rainbow colored fentanyl to your children.
  • I've mentioned this before: It's not trampling which cause people to die in these situation. No.  People die because they get so packed in that their chests and abdomens can't expand to get air. Here's a video taken from within the crowd just as it was beginning.

  • We learned that the attacked of Nancy Pelosi's husband, who underwent surgery on Friday, was most certainly looking for her, had zip ties, was an election denier, COVID denier, QAnon supporter, and ranted about "Jews, Black people, Democrats, the media and transgender people" in his blog.

    • The reaction was at least normal in the beginning. 

    • But it didn't even take the weekend for the nutcases to start a lie that these days now runs quicker than the truth.  I heard a WBAP talk show on Friday afternoon irresponsibly speculating that it was staged, but the crazies found a new leader when Elon Musk responded to Hillary Clinton on Sunday morning supporting the conspiracy/fantasy/lie. And his reply spread like wildfire. This is crazy. 

    • Hit with criticism, Musk deleted his conspiracy tweet within a few hours. 

    • Reality can’t exist anymore because it can’t keep up with the lies on the internet. Musk will now contribute to this. And how is he a man who doesn't hate baseless rumors?

    • But proving there is no bottom, Junior weighed in with a "joke" about the violent attack on the 82 year old man.  This is the new fascist playbook: Invite the violence, muddy the truth when said violence occurs, and then parody it to make it seem less important. Incredible. 

  • Meanwhile, a text scroll was projected onto the side of the stadium during the Florida/Georgia game that said, “Kanye was right about the Jews.” Here's the video.  It later moved to a downtown building. Video

  • I hate to break this to you, folks, but I don't think America is going to make it.
  • As democracy dies, early voting in Wise County is trailing off. Total so far is 9,017 or around 18% of total registered voters. That's normal, though. 

  • Re: Last Friday's Heavy Rain. How much raw sewage did the City of Runaway Bay dump into Lake Bridgeport?
  • All the political ads make my head hurt, but one of them which most people don't notice is the one that begins with a scare tactic about crime, and then urges you to vote for Republican Texas Supreme Court judges.  But the Texas Supreme Court doesn't hear any criminal cases.

  • In Dallas, there are three "declared write-in candidates" who will appear on the ballot for the 301st Judicial District Court and that's it. For the life of me I don't know why. 
  • Another edition of Laws Don't Matter Any Longer.

  • OK, I believe in TCU. 
  • From a Ticket host who just saw the birth of his second child. This hurts my heart.

    • This is what he posted in the hours after the birth.

  • Brazil had a presidential election yesterday where Trump's far-right candidate was thrown out of office.