Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

That's a New York Times' headline. There were 200 cases and 10 deaths in the metroplex.

  • As expected, Liz Cheney lost her election in crazy Wyoming because she defied Trump and refused to be an election denier. For her work on the January 6th Committee alone, she deserves to be 2022's Time Person of the Year. 

    • Let's see how Junior handled it. 

  • A woman was killed and two Decatur people were sent to the hospital last night because of a wreck in Bridgeport. It happened at 380 and FM 1658 (the road that takes you to the Lake Bridgeport dam) when the woman supposedly ran the red light.

    • The Bridgeport Chief of Police described it this way: 

    • It sounds very much like this wreck about a year ago at the same exact location.

  • Keller ISD pulls the Bible from the shelves of all school libraries. They'll end up putting them back, but it's a eye-catching headline. (Although I've always thought that once a school board reads about Lot and his daughters, things will get interesting.)

  • So this is Greg Abbott's plan after Uvalde (2022 - 21 dead) , El Paso (2019 - 23 dead), Sutherland Springs church (2017 - 27 dead) , and Santa Fe High School (2018 - 10 dead)?  Chuck Norris is 82 years old, and Walker, Texas Ranger went of the air in 1999.

  • Rudy Giuliani arriving at the Atlanta courthouse moments ago to testify in front of a grand jury is a scene right out of the movies: A mass of reporters following him up majestic courthouse steps. (Video up close / Video from elevation across the street.) 

  • Oh, my.

  • I've heard of assistant district attorneys in smaller counties doing a little civil work on the side, but look at what the elected district attorney of New Orleans is doing. His salary for his government job, which he is keeping as well, is $185,000.

  • I'm not exactly sure what this is, but I think Decatur High will light up the emblem is they win. I could be wrong. 

  • Golfer Patrick Reed hired a crackpot lawyer to file a defamation suit against the Golf Channel and fellow golfer Brandel Chamblee. It's going nowhere. And Reed was dumb enough to put his home address in the caption so we can now take a look at his home. (I bet that's a heck of an electricity bill.)

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