Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

There had been a rash of teen deaths in Alvord which prompted a story in the Star-Telegram.

  • Final rain totals from yesterday. I'm just as amazed that McKinney airport measured only a trace as I am that the White Rock lake area of Dallas got 10.4".  I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before. They are about 20 miles apart.

  • Lake Bridgeport, which is seven feet low, didn't even rise six inches. Most of the rain just missed the watershed. 
  • A buddy from down south who is a big time insurance defense lawyer told me yesterday that whenever there is flooding in Houston there will be a rash of fraudulent car insurance claims. Folks who are about to get their cars repossessed just happen to drive them into high water and abandon them.

  • SMU's turf is not doing well. I'm guessing that's an air bubble. 

  • At the Keller school board meeting last night. Clever.

  • From Friday Night Light's fame. Fun fact: He was head coach at Odessa for only four years. And when he took over in 1986, he inherited a team that had gone to the state finals two years in a row.

  • In Aledo, a kid who is a Senior and a big Dolly Parton fan proved why we can't have nice things after he painted his parking spot in her honor.
    • Before.

    • After.

  • Regarding the Wise County criminal case last week (the Rex Richie shooting case where the defendant got a life sentence), I finally got to see the the video which was played for the jury.  I'm not saying it was a slam dunk case for the State, but it was pretty close. Throw in the fact that the password for the defendant's Facebook account was eff-the-police, a life sentence was almost a guarantee. Oh, and when arrested over a week later, the defendant still had the gun on him with a reloaded magazine. He didn't give his defense team anything to work with.  
  • The Fox News graphics department really is horrible:
    • The big story from last night:

    • Fox News this morning ("300K+"): 

  • Trump filed a press release as a motion yesterday in connection with the search of Mar-a-Lago.  And in it, for a reason that isn't clear, Trump confirmed the message below to the Justice Department. This bugs me. What exactly is he asking for here? 

  • Dueling Texas criminal justice stories:
  • Maybe the biggest COVID story in the last few months is the story that the recent wave suddenly petered out.   This is the hospitalizations graph is below. COVID might finally officially be under control:

  • Dak Prescott is hawking cryptocurrency this morning. Shameful.