Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

That question* seems silly now. (*And I admit that wasn't technically in the form of a question.)

  • The Star-Telegram has a story on the salaries Texas high school football coaches with a particular focus on Decatur. After his hiring was announced, I remember asking someone in-the-know at the courthouse "How'd they pull that off?"  The response: "Wait until you see how much they are paying him."

  • This would appear to be a significant loss.

  • Lots of gnashing of teeth in conservative circles about the loan forgiveness news yesterday.  I really don't care if someone, who tried to better themselves, is getting a little help regardless of the "that ain't fair!" argument. However, I think there is a substantial chance the Trump federal courts knock this down as an overreach of presidential powers. 

  • A lot of people defending the loan forgiveness point to the massive PPP bailout to businesses over the last couple of years because of COVID. Did you know there's a database run by SBA which will list every business and the amount of PPP loans? You can even narrow your search down to zip code and more. (In glancing through the list from some local towns, I can see some outright fraud going on.)

  • It took forever, but the school board finally fired him as its chief of police last night. 

    • Arredendo finally released a long statement from his lawyer, but probably shouldn't have. He makes himself out as the victim by claiming he is going through a "public lynching". He also claims he wasn't the commander on scene and didn't  know there were children in with shooter. It also contains typos. 

  • I'm not trying to be harsh here, but $16 million for "emotional distress" over photos that she never saw and were never released online? And how exactly does a jury arrive at that figure? How about $100 million? How about $50,000? Nope. They thought it was exactly $16 million. And none of that figure is about punishing the defendants. It was all just to compensate her. "Ms. Bryant . . . sought damages for emotional distress brought on by worrying that the photos could surface publicly on the internet at any time."

  • "Hindering apprehension" is an odd charge out of Wichita Falls for a bondsman. Normally, they want someone to be apprehended so they can limit their financial responsibility.

  • Pete Delkus holds grudges. 

  • The University of Texas is partnering with Wrangler and the Longhorn's new starting QB, Quinn Ewers, is front and center of the campaign. Here's a promotional photo:

  • Very legal nerdy stuff: A few months back I pointed out a  new DWI appellate opinion which held that there was no probable cause to arrest someone who was asleep in their car in a school pick-up line. I also said I doubted it would stand up. Yesterday, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals decided to hear the case. They'll reverse it in no time. The State always wins there.