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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Here is the Update blurb about the motorcycle case. And that is an actual pic from the Messenger that accompanied the story. Yep, trooper dragging a dead goat.  

  • Mineral Wells coming in hottest of all.

  • It looks like DFW might be in competition with 1980 and 2011.  Here are the side by side stats through July 18th for each year:

  • Within the last two hours, England has set an all time high temperature reading. Home air-conditioning is basically non-existent there. 

  • Fires abound. And it may be worse today. 
    • Parts around Possum Kingdom lake, including houses, are burning. If you are familiar with it, here's a map showing the general area:

    • Near Glen Rose yesterday afternoon.   It has "tripled in size" overnight according to WFAA.

    • We even had a fire in Wise County yesterday.

  • I missed this in the Uvalde report: Here's the breakdown of the officers at the the school by agency:

    • DPS is taking heat: “You got 91 troopers on the scene. You got all the equipment you could possibly want, and you’re listening to the local school cop?” said state Sen. Roland Gutierrez, a Democrat whose district includes Uvalde and who has accused DPS of seeking to minimize its role in the response.
    • And DPS responded.

  • A Bridgeport rancher was featured in an KXAS/Channel 5 story.

  • I'm not sure why Steven Bannon's lawyer, shown below as he arrived for court yesterday, is bringing a shopping bag with him. (Those are bad screengrabs, but they were the best I could pull off.)

  • A new Texas Monthly article by Skip Hollandsworth is always reason to celebrate. In the just released issue, he takes on a recently famous Fort Worth cold case of Carla Walker which was solved by DNA and family tree research. 

  • Paparazzi stalking Elon Musk on a yacht proved Elon Musk might be as white as he is rich. (More pictures here.)

  • Sports news.  College football is wild right now.
  • I'm about four episodes into Apple TV's Severance. I'm a little iffy on it. So far it's been a 30 minute Black Mirror stretched into four hours.