Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago I was deep into Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith. The book was almost 10 years old then, but a mini-series based upon it was just released on Hulu this year. 

  • Traffic backed up on the "lake road" outside of Bridgeport yesterday when a wildfire broke out. The road was later shut down completely for a while. They were still fighting the fire deep into the night. 

  • Wichita Falls set a record at 115° yesterday.
  • We've now got us a full blown cover-up.   A violent coup occurs on January 6th, and the Secret Service thinks it didn't need to preserve evidence that could implicate the leader of the coup? This is intentional evidence destruction. 

    • What makes this comical is that the Secret Service is in the business of recovering electronic evidence. Even the Wise County DA's office routinely turns over phones or computers to that agency to see what they can recover. It's what they do. They probably do more of that than protect a president.
  • From Possum Kingdom yesterday.

  • In light of Justice Thomas overt threat to overturn the constitutional right to same sex marriage, the House yesterday took measures to make it federal law. The bill, of course, will not pass the Senate.

    • Here's how North Texas reps voted.

  • A Texas elected prosecutor may have known that a Trump Insurrectionist was hiding out at his family's property. (Fun fact: The prosecutor's predecessor in Kinney County was Todd Durden who used to be the County Attorney in Wise County in the 1990s.)

  • And this headline fails to mention that Steven Bannon (assuming he's not in prison), Jack Posobiec (of Pizzagate Hoax fame), and our own Ronny Jackson (assuming he's upright) will also be attending. It's a collection of crazy at the Hilton Anatole in early August. 

  • You know that mess that happens when your a/c's overflow condensation line (that typically dumps the water outside the house where you can see it) also gets clogged and then causes the overflow to get dumped onto the ceiling of a room? This kid has invented a way to stop the clog from occurring. I'm interested (but this Star-Telegram story doesn't really explain much about the invention.) It will be entered in a competition set for "Oct. 17-18 at the 3M Innovation Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, for $25,000 and the title of 'America’s Top Young Scientist.'”  

  • Small government Republican?:

    • Next on his agenda:

  • This was floating around yesterday. Kind of funny. (I would also like to acknowledge that J. Lo and Ben Affleck were married last weekend in the same place that I was. But Britney beat us to it back in the day.)

  • Weird travel schedule: The Rangers have a "make-up game" at Miami tomorrow and then have to travel across the country to Oakland for a game on Friday. That was the best scheduling idea?

  • Social media fight: Apparently Texas Tech and TCU are going at it on Twitter after TCU's AD said Tech was in a "desert."  Tech is also amped up over a new SuperPAC (my term, from the beginning) which will pay each of their player's $25,000, and a new $200 million stadium.
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