Random Monday Morning Thoughts

It looks like 10 years ago this week I went on vacation so, with no content to pull from, I'll have to scramble for this 10 years ago feature. This was the #1 song on July 25, 2012. It'll do. 

  • The same fire on the lake road north of Bridgeport fired up again yesterday. But if you want to see a bunch of pretty cool photos of planes dropping water on it, here ya go. (Facebook link.) For such a small fire, and with other more serious fires in Texas ongoing, I'm not sure what the planes were doing here or how they got here so quickly. 

  • Sports talk radio and lots of legal "experts" spent a lot of time pontificating over whether this man would face criminal charges for simply being in the same car where another man fired the gun. I told you it would never happen. Story.

  • This result in a Tarrant County trial last week seemed predictable. The defendant was locking up a church and had his wife and 80 year old mother with him. Self-defense is always a huge prosecutorial hurdle . . . 

    • . . . but this paragraph sure made me cock an eyebrow.

  • Over the weekend, the editorial boards of two major conservative publications turned on Trump.
    • The New York Post:

    • The Wall Street Journal:

  • Rep. Matt Gaetz spoke at the Turning Point USA shindig this weekend. Good lord

  • The California governor is spending money running ads in Texas newspapers to troll Gov. Abbott. (The California legislature passed its own "bounty bill" based upon the Texas law regarding abortions, but the California law is using the method for gun control.) But I'm not really sure I understand the point of this. 

  • Steve Bannon was convicted on Friday, and then immediately went on TV and basically asked to be put in jail. (Remember that this is the same guy who Trump pardoned for defrauding MAGA followers who gave money to to privately fund The Wall after Mexico would, in fact, not pay for it.)

  • This Tarrant County judge, David Hagerman, was recently ordered recused in a different case involving a murder charge against a Fort Worth police officer. Story on this most recent case here.

  • CNN's one hour special last night on how two rich oil men from West Texas control Texas politics by throwing around millions to support only White Christian Nationalists was fantastic. It really is amazing how they pull so many strings and yet 99% of voters aren't aware of them. 

  • Random viral news videos from the weekend:
    • It happened off the coast of Plymouth, Massachusetts, and there is video.

    • It happened in Moscow, and there is video.

  • The status of various interest rates (mortgage, home refinance, car, CDs). Source: Washington Post on Saturday.

  • Twitter lost $270 million last quarter, and I don't know how that is possible. (And we are talking profit/loss, not stock price.) 
  • The Wise County Messenger's Update was published online at 8:02 a.m. this morning, and I can't remember it ever being released that early.