Random Friday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago I was down at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and, once done, walked around the Capitol.  I saw this hanging in a window. I still don't know what that symbol is. Edit: I just got an answer from a faithful reader.

  •  You might remember the case of a 14 year old girl from Bedford who went missing and then her body was found in an Arlington landfill. Yesterday, another teenager, who had to be certified as an adult in the criminal case, pled guilty but only received 10 years in prison. 

    • So why only 10 years? I think I found the answer in paragraph within a press release by the Tarrant County DA's office about the plea. 

  • The Wise County Grand Jury met yesterday. Indictment list here.
  • And the hiding by government officials in the Self Induced Abortion Indictment case begins. 

    • I haven't thought about it, but this article is exactly right.

    • And I keep looking for news for someone to corner the DA in Starr County to make him explain exactly what happened in that case, but he is still in hiding the best I can tell. But I did notice that the County Attorney down there, who is responsible for misdemeanor prosecutions, abruptly resigned effective immediately after 15 years on the job. He didn't say why. That's very weird. 

  • Twelve years in prison seems a little harsh.  By definition, a hit and run case has nothing to do with being at fault in the accident. From my reading of the story, there was no allegation of reckless driving or intoxication being involved. Sure, you should stop. But 12 years? The accident was at 6:00 in the morning at I-20 and Beltline Road in Grand Prairie.

  • Two scammers who duped the most gullible among us to donate to a private "Build the Wall" fund, and who promised to not take a penny but later stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, pled guilty to doing exactly that yesterday. They will be sentenced later. But the real news is that this is the same case where the third ring leader in the scam, Steve Bannon, won't receive any punishment because Trump issued him a pardon. Grifters stick together. 

  • The Wise County Messenger today has printed the school and city candidates answers to a three part questionnaire. I'm proud to announce not a single candidate mentioned the silliness of CRT or book banning. 
    • I'm surprised by the number of candidates who ignored the Messenger's request. I counted 14 of them who didn't reply at all.  It's free advertising! Why ignore that? 
    • I've also heard that a local political group is trying to bait the candidates on those straw man issues in its online questionnaire by directly asking them:

  • Weatherford College pitcher, Owen Woodward, who attacked the batter during a home run trot, is "no longer with the team" according to the school.

  • So news broke yesterday afternoon that a new book is to be released which will claim that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told colleagues on January 10th that he was fed up with Trump and would urged him to resign the presidency in light of the January 6th Insurrection.  The report also said there was an audio tape. So what was McCarthy's response? His office released a press statement saying the report was "totally false and wrong."  So then the authors released the tape

  • For years I've asked questions about the Crime Stoppers fund in Wise County. Every single person who has been placed on probation for at least the last 20 years has been forced to donate $50 to the fund, but I never really hear about any payments. Now the fund in Houston is finally getting scrutiny and it has been revealed they are donating to political causes and actually paying its "Chief Executive" the amount of $238,000. It also has a $10 million building!

  • This will interest some of you: Marjorie Taylor Green will be testifying live in a case about her role in January 6th beginning at 8:30 a.m.  (CSPAN should have it here.) The case is pending and brought by a group who says she is disqualified from holding office because the 14th Amendment which says a person cannot serve if they "engaged in insurrection" against the United States or "given aid or comfort" to its "enemies." 

  • Hot sports prediction: Luka comes back for Game 4 but the Mavericks lose
  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 1,022 days.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold