Random Friday Morning Thoughts

Thirty-one dead cows, and I still don't have an answer 10 years later. 

  • Dallas Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph was a rookie last year but actually started at the end of the season.  

    • The incident the cops are interested in was actually part of Fox 4 News' "Trackdown" series which is normally some pretty good stuff. 
    • "Cowboys officials have encouraged Joseph to speak with police about what he knows, according to a team source who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. Cowboys officials do not believe Joseph is the shooter." Here's a tip: If I'm him, I'm not taking criminal legal advice from the Cowboys. 
    • Did you know the player also goes by the rapper pseudonym 'YKDV Bossman Fat'?  And the moment I thought, "I wonder if he has any rap lyrics that cops could try to use?", I also thought of this story:
  • This Russian warship is now at the bottom of the Black Sea. Ukraine says it sunk because of a missile strike. The Russians say it was due to an accidental explosion. But if Ukraine is right, hold you breath that the was doesn't escalate via some drastic and demonstrative retaliation by the Russians. Wars can get really out of hand in a hurry.

  • Gov. Abbott continued to tacitly concede his truck inspection plan was a disaster as he abandoned the idea at yet two more border points. Oh, and look who was there at his press conference yesterday as a prop! The $300,000 man!

  • If you have followed this story, this new development is, well, uncomfortable. In 2020, the "hospital’s ethics committee had ruled that it would be inappropriate to continue treating Tinslee, citing the Texas Advanced Directives Act, a 1999 law that allows the committee to make decisions when doctors and patients disagree on end-of-life care." A court battle ensued as the child was in hospital. Now she's home.

  • This didn't receive much press, but it was 107 degrees in McAllen two days ago -- shattering the old record.

  • I saw this photo yesterday as part of an anti-Biden meme, recognized current White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in the middle of it, and wondered when it was from. It's really a great photo. I finally found it, and it had this caption: "Staff members listen to President Barack Obama speak about Donald Trump's victory in the Rose Garden." Psaki was Obama's Communications Director back then. 

  • Nerdy legal stuff #1: In an interview posted on Facebook, Tarrant County DA candidate Matt "Book Banning" Krause, who has never tried a criminal case, also demonstrated that he knows nothing about criminal law. He was asked about the Accomplice Witness Rule and instead tried to B.S. his way through by trying to explain the Law of Parties (which he also royally screwed up by saying you don't have to have any criminal intent, unlike the main actor of a crime, to be "just as guilty." The example he was given was an otherwise innocent "getaway driver." He's just flat wrong.)  Dear Tarrant County Republicans: Nominate him at your own peril. (Relevant part begins at 3:45)

  • Nerdy legal stuff #2: Don't do this in the federal Fifth Circuit. Or anywhere.  

  • Now the officer "finally knows who shot him after DNA data in a forensic genetic genealogy test gave them the name of a man living in Oklahoma. Mark Alan Long, identified by forensic genetic genealogy company Indentifinders International, shot Garner on March 3, 2003 after he robbed a bank in Watauga." Long shot himself the other day once he found out the cops were on to him. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 1,015 days.
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