Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

(1) I had forgotten that over a month passed from the date of the incident, 2/26/12, to the date of arrest, 4/12/22.  (2) There is no way the Murdock owned New York Post runs with that cover today. It's become way too Fox Newsy. 

  • We've got an update on the murder/self-induced miscarriage case and it is a stunner. After Lizelle Herrera's indictment and then after her arrest, her husband filed for divorce. And you want to know who his lawyer was? An assistant district attorney in that DA's Office who was allowed to have a private legal practice on the side.  The conflict of interest here is mind-boggling. And if that assistant DA is the reason the "abortion case" got indicted, the DA's office needs to be burned down (figuratively). And the Washington Post needs to have put these facts in the headline

  • Wise County social media quick hits:
    • A defamation lawsuit was filed by Terry and Elaine Priest in Wise County's district court against the person who allegedly ran the Facebook page "Rhome Watch". (Cause no. CV22-04-251 and Ernest "Skip" Reynolds is their lawyer.)

    • Five members of a female wrestling squad called the "Hollywood Knockouts" out of California, where weed is legal, were arrested traveling though Wise County. They were headed to a gig at the Whiskey Garden on West 7th Street in Fort Worth.

    • You can't get to it without being allowed in, but there's a big brouhaha brewing on the Facebook "Bridgeport Resident's Page" in connection with the alleged tactics of a candidate for the Bridgeport School Board.
  • After buying 10% of Twitter, Elon Mask is now performing a "pump and dump" stock manipulation trick for all to see. Despite making this offer in an official SEC regulatory filing, he doesn't have $40 billion in cash on hand to back it up. When Twitter turns him down, he dumps his stock at a profit. All of this is a crime in plain sight. 

  • A pharmacist for CVS has gone missing and "police said his cell phone was last pinged on April 6 around 2:15 a.m. in Wise County in the areas of Bridgeport, Decatur and Paradise." He was still missing per a news report yesterday

  • Greg Abbott had a bad day with his publicity stunts:
    • After they volunteered for the bus, he gave a free ride to D.C. to 20 immigrants seeking asylum. They were greeted yesterday with a handshake, a hug, and help. Video. They were then allowed to go wherever they want in the U.S. until their asylum claims can be processed. What was the point of this?

    • Back at the border, Abbott had to hold a press conference backing off his truck inspections because it turned out to be unworkable.  He justified it by saying he signed a "memorandum of understanding" with the governor of the Mexican state of Nuevo León who promised to do the extra searches on the Mexican side. Ummmkay. 

  • This was my favorite part of Abbott's press conference.
    • Question and Answer:

    • Uh, Abbott's campaign lapdog, DPS Director Steven McCraw, was standing right behind him at that moment but didn't even try to respond to the question. (You pay McCraw a salary of $299,813 a year in taxpayer money and all he does it follow Abbott around to be a prop for Abbott's campaign stunts.)

  • Crypto currency scam news from yesterday:
    • Jerry Jones wants "millions" of you to "buy your crypto currency" from blockchain.com or, as he called it throughout his press conference, "Block Chain Com."  It made me insane.

    • Proving that NFTs are nothing more than worthless digital Beanie Babies, the guy who bought the NFT of the first tweet by Twitter's owner Jack Dorsey (that sentence also makes me insane) tried to sell it at auction. After paying $2.9 million for it, the highest bid he received was $280

  • Clayton Kershaw was throwing a perfect game yesterday but was pulled after he threw 80 pitches. The sure firer Hall-of-Famer had reached his pitch count limit.  Decatur's Bryce Elder should have had a pitch count as well. In his very first start, had thrown 82 pitches when he finally ran into trouble. After retiring the first two batters in the 6th inning, but going to full counts on both of them to reach the 82 pitches, he was left in the game. He then gave up back to back homeruns.