Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Someone had sent me this picture of six trooper cars parked at lunch at Chili's in Decatur. That photo still seems odd. Today you'd never see six troopers on duty in Wise County at the same time. (And how'd they find six spots together, anyway?)

  •  Final Will Smith/Chris Rock thoughts.

    • Something is weird about all this. 
    • Will Smith's going from laughing to storming the stage in the blink of the eye is bizarre. His rage made him do what could have been a career ending act, yet that rage was the result of a delayed reaction? 
    • Chris Rock's physical reaction to the slap was weird, too. You would think it would stagger him, but he took it soooo smoothly. And another thing: He never once touched his face after being slapped. How does he not do that?
    • Do I think it was all staged or fake? No, I don't. But something isn't quite right, and I can't put my finger on it. 
    • Side note: If you haven't seen Jomboy's video breakdown of the event, it's pretty good. 
  • Chris Fostel, son of the late Judge John Fostel, has passed away of cancer.  (I had reminisced about Judge Fostel's passing last Friday, but I had absolutely no idea that Chris had died the day before.)
  • Liberally Lean Take-It-To-The-Bank Wise County Weather Alert: Heavy rains with high winds during a window from 10:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.
  • Bridgeport PD is hiring officers (and they've even got a recruiting video.) 
  • Clay County is always a gold mine of fun news

  • The Dallas Morning News this weekend had a favorable feature story about the Paradise man who fell to his death off a rooftop bar. (I've long commented about the press and PR savviness of one the family's lawyers, and I wonder if she had something to do with this.)

  • This is a wild video. And narrator, and other people initially standing around, didn't seem to understand the danger that there were more cars coming. 

  • I've said from the beginning I didn't understand why Jerry Jones' alleged daughter filed the recent lawsuit accusing him of being her dad. The lawsuit really didn't ask for anything other than a declaration of parenthood.  Jones response to the lawsuit yesterday gave an answer: She was just following through on her threat to sue him for that declaration if he didn't pay her not to file it. Ugh:  I can't find an actual pdf of Jones' Answer. 

  • Trump Insurrection News:
    • A federal judge yesterday, in ruling that the emails of one of the coup architects. John Eastman, had to be turned over, concluded that Trump likely violated the law. 

    • But the greatest line in the ruling perfectly described the whole insane process of trying to convince Mike Pence to ignore the constitution and not certify the count of the electoral college votes on January 6th: "A coup in search of a legal theory." 

    • And this morning we've now got a Watergate Tapes feel to the whole thing. Seven hours and 37 minutes are missing.  Nixon was sunk because of a missing 18 minutes. 

  • We've got an update on the misdemeanor criminal trials in Tarrant County last week. The State went 1-7. 

  • I don't remember this double murder of teenagers in Weatherford in 1983. Story.


  • Legal nerd stuff: The Fort Worth Court of Appeals just rejected a man's attempt to gain access to the Wise and Jack County District Attorney's files by using the Texas Public Information Act. It originated out of an odd procedural posture in that he had already been convicted after a jury trial and his appeal had failed. He never complained that anything in the file was held back during the criminal appeal.