Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

This was a faithful reader submitted photo from downtown Fort Worth. At the time, the only thing I could find out about was: "The naked man was driving his car, yes naked. Ran red light, hit car, hit construction equipment and rolled on to curb. Then he got out of his car, naked."  I don't know anything more than that now. 

  • More videos from Jacksboro school surveillance cams are out. The elementary school principal almost had the ceiling come down on him a second after this screenshot. 

  • This guy honestly and correctly called CRT a "manufactured crisis" last week, and last night he got cancelled. No word on whether he had to walk by a book burning party on his way out the door. 

  • "HOUSTON — A Texas high school teacher who was sued after he tried to force a Black student who refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance to transcribe it . . .  has opted to forego trial with the payment of a $90,000 settlement."  

    • He told anyone who refused to write the pledge that they would get a zero and "launched into a tirade, secretly recorded by [the student], in which he made an offer to defiant students, aimed at [the student]: “If you can tell me two countries you’d rather go to, I will pay your way there if they’re communist or socialist. Most of Europe is socialist and it’s crumbling. Or it’s communism.”
    • By the way, compelled speech of the government forcing you to recite the Pledge was held to be unconstitutional in 1943. Forced speech has never exactly been a hallmark of democracy. 
  • At the Oscars, a White Men Can't Jump reunion had Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes joking about getting high before the show. On a related note, I noticed 14 people are in the Wise County Jail right now on marijuana charges because they are too poor to get out. 

  • Parker County is out busting up raves, but I had to pull out an oddly worded sentence from the story. Once you get passed there's probably a missing word in their somewhere, you next have to figure out what the phrase "edm lifestyle group" means since it isn't used anywhere else in the article. (Spoiler alert: It's "electric dance music." I'm guessing these folks are not.)


  • We need a documentary on 26 year old GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn. 


  • This is a completely false claim of officers getting sick by simply being "near" Fentanyl. Heck, John Oliver just did a package on this false claim phenomenon just a couple of days ago on Last Week Tonight.

  • And another.

  • You know the F-35 has questionable value when the always eye-popping defense budget (just unveiled to be a whopping $773 billion - a 4% increase) will actually cut the projected purchase of the fighter jets from 94 planes to 61 planes. 

  • Idiocracy

  • Paragraph from Newsday (cover below): "Eve Wilkowitz, a 20-year-old publishing company secretary, was abducted, raped and strangled more than four decades ago when she returned to Bay Shore from her job in Manhattan. The case was never solved — until now. Suffolk County police and prosecutors told Newsday on Tuesday that advances in forensic techniques and genetic genealogy revealed that her killer is believed to be a man who died of cancer in 1991 . . . .
  • Messenger: Above the Fold