Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

   I'd still like to see that. 

  • Forty-one months in the hoosegow. He earned every day of it. 

  • One of the defendants in the Ahmaud Arbery trial in Georgia took the stand in his own defense yesterday.  (Cross-exam is live on YouTube right now  - the prosecutor is terrible.)  I've been an advocate of defendants testifying for years and, with Rittenhouse doing the same thing, I feel like defense lawyers are finally coming around. 

  • This will be Day Three of the Rittenhouse jury deliberations. If anyone tries to tell you what that means, they don't.  In the meantime, the judge is taking a page out of someone else's playbook as he blamed the media for televising how wheels off he can be. 

  • Judge Mollee Westfall has entered the race for District Attorney in Tarrant County. I suspect there will be more popular Republican candidates who will do the same. 
  • Sheesh: Trump's lawyer has sent a letter to the organization who awards Pulitzer Prizes threatening to sue it for awarding the prize in 2018 to The New York Times and The Washington Post.  But it starts off with the lawyer misspelling "spoliation."  No man has ever had so many attorneys which are human train wrecks. 

  • Rep. Paul Gosar was censored yesterday by the House for his video showing the murder of AOC and the slashing of President Biden. Less than 10 years ago that vote would have been 434-1.

  • The Texas Tech radio crew has been suspended by the Big 12 because of the crew's criticism of officials in last week's game against Iowa State. A collection of the audio can be found here.  When they started naming the officiating crew in a fit of McCarthyism is probably what put the Big 12 over the edge. 

  • Greg Abbott's campaign (or at least some PAC) has put up "morphing" billboards.  Let me tell you, as far as political advertising goes, that's pretty clever and eye-catching. 

  • A pretty dramatic fire in North Fort Worth on Monday evening was caught on video.  And I've noticed that a GoFundMe was organized by a family member who lives in Decatur. 

  • Every now and then I see yet another photo from the Trump Insurrection which stops me down. That's the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture in the background. 

  • That reminds me that I almost forgot to mention Southlake ISD. Let's check in on it . . . 
    • The feds are now after them:

    • I hope they take the time to notice that the feds are after them:

  • Random things I didn't know.

  • There's a new longform story from the great Skip Hollandsworth in this month's Texas Monthly.

  • And another. The police didn't have a direct DNA match in any criminal database so they enlisted the help of a "genealogist" to at least get them in the area of the extended family of the DNA owner. It worked. This was not happening as little as five years ago. 

  • NFL fun fact: On this day in 1984, neither team in the Seahawks/Bengals game threw a pass in the first quarter -- the very last time that any quarter has gone by without at least one pass being thrown in the NFL.  (They combined for 26 running plays.)