Random Monday Morning Thoughts

What I didn't mention at the time was that was my office parking lot. But it wasn't a client, and we didn't know who it was when we discovered it. 

  • Breaking.

  • Hospital won't let doctor treat COVID patient with a horse drug. Patient's family sues. Star-Telegram story:

  • I'm kind of surprised Steve Bannon got indicted for ignoring the subpoena from the January 6th committee. He should be, but AG Merrick Garland has primarily been asleep since January. 

  • I'm not sure I've ever seen a guy accused of a double murder just casually watching a video over a judge's shoulder. 

  • I wrote on Friday that if the Rittenhouse case were in Texas, the State would get the benefit of the "provoking the difficulty" law which could be used to negate self-defense. Well, lo and behold, the judge later on Friday announced he would give the State a "provoking the difficulty" instruction to be submitted to the jury.  But that law in Wisconsin (Section 939.48(2)) is so convoluted that I don't think it matters much. 

  • In Texas church news, we have a congregation chanting "Let's Go Brandon" in San Antonio. (Video.) Incredible. 

  • Speculation is beginning on who will run for D.A. in Tarrant County now that Sharen Wilson won't seek the office again. Some options will be better than others.  

  • Anyone else noticing that society is turning into a bunch of barbarians? 

  • Texas might (maybe, possibly, could) be having the beginning of a Winter Surge. Or not. This is new cases, not hospitalizations:  

  • 61 years ago yesterday:

  • Regarding that big infrastructure bill, it is now estimated that Texas will get $35 billion
  • How many times have I talked about rich people getting richer by building these things. Every single week I see another story. 

  • Three things I didn't expect to see on Saturday: (1) Baylor mauling OU, (2) Tech kicking a 62 yard field goal at the buzzer to win, and (3) What happened in Austin. Oh, my!  (The video taken by the parents of the Kansas player who caught the game winning pass is pretty great.)

  • Other people didn't expect on Friday to see the delivery truck for the Barry Sanders statue headed towards Stillwater taking a pit stop at Braum's. 

  • Jerry's got his fingers in a lot of pies.
  • The official Twitter account of the Atlanta Falcons has a sense of humor. 

  • Dak received a cut on his upper cheek during a celebration.  Video.