Random Monday Morning Thoughts

"A fight at Bridgeport High School today sent one student to the hospital and at least one more to the police station for questioning. Two 16-year-old males got into a physical altercation in a campus bathroom shortly before 3 p.m. Medics arrived to find one of the boys unconscious and bleeding from the mouth."  

  • Horrible incident #1: 5 dead and 40 injured in Wisconsin as a car runs through a parade route.  If you haven't seen the video, here it is. (Disturbing warning.)

  • Horrible incident #2: An Andrew ISD school bus carrying band members to Friday's playoff came with Springtown was hit by a car going the wrong way. Three were killed -- the bus driver, the band director for Andrews, and the wrong way driver. The game was rescheduled for today. 

  • This happened yesterday but this is very little info about it other than the cops were chasing alleged car burglars. One report says the crash happened "between Austin Street and First Baptist Church . . . around 5:30 a.m. Sunday."

  • All of the above is a heck of way to start of Thanksgiving week, isn't it?
  • Kyle Rittenhouse:
    • I told you that a not guilty verdict was likely, and it happened.  If you haven't seen the footage of the verdict being read, which is pretty dramatic, here is it is.  

    • But in the aftermath I basically had to stop reading social media about it.  An acquittal in a criminal trial does not equate to vindication. Oh, and Greg Abbott continues to morph into Trump.

    • I'm not sure that going on Tucker Carlson's show, of all people, is the best way to sell this:

  • Ahmaud Arbery trial: The jury will get the case against three Georgia men today. (Live right now.) I wouldn't be surprised at all if there are three not guilty verdicts at the end of it as well (despite the ineptitude of the defense lawyers.) Heck, I'll bet it's almost a guarantee in the cases against the two non-shooters.  And if the defense lawyer for Travis McMichael, the actual shooter, would focus on closing arguments just on the seconds before the fatal shot was fired, he might just win it, too. 

  • The Dallas serial killer trial has kind of been flying under radar but it ended in a mistrial after a hung jury late Friday. There was one lone holdout who was never going to convict regardless of the evidence. It's time like that when prosecutors can't say in interviews what they are actually thinking. 

  • The Tiger King must not be doing well. 

  • Lookout! Crazy Louie has an announcement coming today.

  • Look what you see when you stack this year's Texas Monthly issues on top of one another.

  • 58 years ago right now:

  • And another case solved by genealogical DNA. "A small piece of one of her bones enabled investigators to identify her family tree, including her late grandparents and, eventually, her late parents." This is happening weekly now.

  • Everyone can now officially tap the brakes on the Cowboys waltzing into the playoffs with a bye week. (Side note: I absolutely thought Zeke snapped a bone when that play happened.)

  • Decatur winning the state championship in volleyball for the fifth time on Saturday (three out of the last four years) is pretty amazing. Once they make it to the Final Four, they've never lost going 10-0 in state tournaments. 

  • Baylor can get to ten wins on Saturday. It would be the sixth ten-win season in the last 11 years under three different head coaches