Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I don't remember the school funding lawsuits back then, and I'm not sure whatever happened to them. I also don't remember that movie which I used a graphic that was was completely unrelated to the story.    

  • If there is anything we've learned over the years is that accepting a cause of death from a Medical Examiner is a dicey proposition. Here the death is ruled a "manual strangulation" instead of a "ligature strangulation." That's pretty specific. And this finding was made even though the ME also believes she had been dead "three to four weeks" when found.  Be cautious.

    • Someone asked me this the other day, and I still don't have an answer for it: How exactly did Gabby Petitio's case gain national traction? I mean, it was in the news even before she was found dead and even before the bodycam video of her and her boyfriend being stopped in Utah became public.  Why? What caused her case to become national news when hundreds (thousands?) of young women go missing every year?

    • Side note: We might want to leave the father alone. Moments ago

  • American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, among others, have decided to ignore Gov. Abbott's Vaccine Mandate Ban and will follow the federal directive.

  • I suppose Abbott will want these to go away:

  • The President's press secretary took a shot at Ted Cruz yesterday, and The Dallas Morning News piles on this morning by including this photo with the story

  • In the middle of the night, the Texas House approved a new map for state house representatives. Wise County is still moving to District 64 with incumbent Rep. Lynn Stuckey, but the revised map changes the lines in Denton County to include Robson Ranch and little more Republican area. That helps Denton County Republican voting power over Wise County Republican voting power.  
    New map gets Robison Ranch area.

    First version of the map was limited to 
    "inner city" Denton. 

  • Yet another death at Fort Hood.  The army might consider invading and occupying that place to figure out why that keeps happening. 

  • I don't know why it would be otherwise, but the public access to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner information always seems a bit odd to me. 

  • Is that a Starbucks or a Whataburger going in on Highway 380 in Bridgeport? 

  • I know I'm getting old when a social security story causes my radar to go off. 

  • Big, if true. 

  • Random attorney job out there. When I first started reading it, I was thinking, "That sounds like a gawd-awful job." Then it got worse. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold