Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Nelson Cruz would eventually end up being the goat (the bad kind) when he misplayed a fly ball in Game Six of the 2011 World Series. But before that, I had forgotten he hit a walk off grand slam against Detroit in Game Two of the American League Championship Series.   It was his second homer of the game. That was 10 years ago yesterday. 

  • COVID thought: The open question is whether we will have a "winter surge." Looking back at last year, the uptick in hospitalizations began right around now. But the summer surge we are just now getting out of started about a month later than last year's summer increase so it could be a delayed winter surge start, too -- assuming it happens at all. I have no idea. 

  • Governor candidate Allen West, who is unvaccinated, was admitted to the hospital on Saturday as he fought COVID. He also proved, as evidenced by his tweet below, that he is one dumb guy. And who else wants to tell him that "monoclonal antibody infusion therapy" is made by "Big Pharma"?:

    • Last Thursday:

  • The only thing we know is that he was "doing a stunt." (Google map location.)


  • Southwest Airlines had an awful weekend, and no one can get a straight answer as to what is going on. The only thing we do know is that this ain't Herb Kelleher's airline anymore. He wouldn't have let this happen.  (As of 7:00 a.m., they had already cancelled 348 flights today.)

  • I told you the Fifth Circuit would do this before breakfast.

  • This Texas Monthly headline made me gulp.

    • But the money paragraph from the story tells us we aren't sure what exactly happened. If she tried to distribute the four stacks to each different court in a proportional amount equal to the size of each stack, this doesn't sound quite so nefarious. In fact, she could have been trying to keep it more fair than just "random." (Although using the random method keeps you out of trouble.)

  • Here is Southlake Carroll ISD's book banning matrix. That makes it pretty easy to ban anything you want using the most subjective of criteria. And I suppose that is precisely the point. 

  • A televangelist must be running the Wichita Fall Times Record News now:
    A newspaper promoted Bible verse? I *had* to click on that. 

    Yep. Robert Jeffress or Joel Osteen must be behind this. 

  • I bet I've watched every OU/Texas game for the last 30 years. That was the wildest one I've ever seen. (And I had to have two screens going since Baylor/WVU started at the same time.)

  • Video worth watching: The family of the Aggie kicker as he lined up for the final winning field goal against Alabama.

  • Another Aggie video:

  • We all knew that if a ball bounces off Jose Canseco's head and goes over the fence then it is a home run. However, last night we learned that a ball that hits the fence, then the ground, then the player, and then goes over the fence, is a ground rule double. Watch.

  • I'm finally getting around to reading this. Actually, I'm "reading" it via audiobook which is what I normally do. But there are some books where I just need to make my own handwritten cheat sheet to keep by as a handy reference. This is one of those books. 

  • Happy Columbus Day or Indigenous People's Day. Only in America where people have to choose sides about a holiday.