Random Monday Morning Thoughts

One of the drivers, a 17 year old kid, received two years in the State Jail after a jury trial in 2013 for criminally negligent homicide. The case was appealed, but it was voluntarily abandoned. There's more to the story, but I'll have to research it further.  But I definitely remember this Messenger photo:

  • Today the bearded guy below will be the first Trump Insurrectionist to be sentenced by a federal judge. Prosecutors want 18 months. 

  • A Decatur attorney was rubbing elbows with Trump, Jr. and his girlfriend this weekend in Parker County. 

  • Five members of the Texas-Democrat-In-D.C. delegation have tested positive for COVID. If I'm reading this right, they were all vaccinated. I'm a little surprised by that, but they should quickly recover. 
  • The Cullen Davis mansion in Fort Worth will be demolished this year. If you are not familiar with it, the Davis criminal saga is worth all the time you want to invest in it. (And I bet there are now a lot of people who aren't aware of it. Heck, witness Priscilla Davis passed away over 20 years ago.)

  • The winning sentence from the story: "Someone at an Applebee’s restaurant in Mesquite called police to report that a man wearing handcuffs was sitting at a table."  Edit: He's from Bridgeport!

  • I told you that the paying of players was going to get wild

  • The weird part about this story is that the Texas Senate just voted to repeal the law which they just passed in the regular session but hadn't taken effect yet. 

  • Can they indict a ham sandwich? Sure they can. In a case involving a man shooting of a BLM protestor in Austin, a detective in Austin says prosecutors crafted his testimony against his wishes to downplay self-defense in order to get an indictment. Prediction: They'll never get a conviction in this case.

  • Hey, I think the weird couple of  Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are  absolute nutcases, but a City expressing any opinion about the content of their message in an effort to suppress their crazy message is a true First Amendment violation. The couple ended up having a brief rally on a street. 

  • Nice Monday pic. 

  • I didn't see it live, but I appreciate the photo of the final dunk in Game Five. I love sports photos which capture the crowd. This one includes LeBron as well as a lady who saw it coming and couldn't bear to watch. And others need to put down their phone -- you'll have video evidence of the moment elsewhere. 

  • The fanbase at The Evil Empire doesn't want to hear excuses

  • I told Mrs. LL that I thought Mike and the Mechanics were playing in Bridgeport last Saturday as part of some festival. Turns out it was Micky and the Motorcars.