Random Friday Morning Thoughts

The Wise County Reunion is next week. The above is my memory of it when I was a teenager.  I remember a Bridgeport man from my church betting $20 a throw. 

  • The AG of Florida tested positive for COVID and news reports quickly pointed out that she hung out with Texas officials a couple of days beforehand. But the pictures associated with her visit had me asking: Who is that guy?!

  • Regarding the house explosion in Plano, this news from yesterday morning should provide you with absolutely no confidence that authorities know what they are doing. He has about as much chance of finding the cause with his little shovel and camera as would Inspector Clouseau.

  • I want to know what all inclusive resort this occurred at.  "KTVT-TV reported that the couple had a few drinks at the hotel bar and decided to head back to their room, but Elijah Snow stopped and went back to the bar while his wife went to their room and fell asleep. Jamie Snow woke up at 4 a.m., only to find her husband never returned." He was found dead along the property line of next to an adjacent resort.

  • About time. And the forfeit includes no pay for any of the players. Anti-vaxxer Cole Beasley has been put on notice. 

  • It's your choice. (And this Texas chart hasn't been updated with the latest numbers of 3,692 from July 21st.)

  • Are you beginning to get the feeling the Earth is tired of us and has just simply decided to eliminate humans? 

  • I bet you didn't even hear about a quadruple murder on Tuesday in the small east Texas town of New Summerfield. An 18 year old meets a guy on Grindr, and that guy says he has a friend who wants to buy a gun. The meeting takes place but it's an ambush which leaves the 18 year old dead along with three people who were in a nearby trailer. (That link from tiny station KETK is fantastic in its coverage of this really crazy case.)

  • I was looking for pictures from the Opening Ceremonies this morning at the Tokyo Olympics, but I haven't seen anything which has caught my eye other than these pretty hip jackets worn by the team from Aruba. It's a little slow.

  • I think the most memorable Opening Ceremonies for me occurred in 2008 from China. Those drummers. Oh, man, those drummers. Even through their smiles, China was able to send a message of intimidation. If interested, I've got it cued up for you here

  • Divorce update this morning: 

  • Funny.

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 749 days.
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