Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

 This case was out of Oklahoma and was quite the scandal because it also involved a judge and an affair with an assistant DA.  But, after a hung jury, she finally ended up with a plea agreement of only one year deferred adjudication probation. The whole mess is pretty well summarized here in a story five years later.   And the term "boss" in the headline meant "court administrator" (which is actually a pretty accurate term for any court administrator.)

  •  We've got the identification I complained about yesterday. In an updated story from the Morning News, the only person not yet identified allegedly yelled, "Give me my boy. Give me that boy."
    Excerpt from GoFundMe page

  • I failed to mention that this lady from the bullet point yesterday worked in Decatur on the courthouse square for about a year a while back.  Irrelevant side note: I was told she was Star Wars obsessed. I mean, really obsessed. As in had a Star Wars themed wedding obsessed.

  • I don't know what is more surprising. That employees just let the guy freely take the bike out for a "test ride" or that bikes that cost $6,300 exist in you local sports store. In case you want to run out and buy one, it's a "Cannondale Jekyll Carbon 129."

  • It's not the easy is it, buddy? It lasted 29 days. 

  • I keep hearing about an incident at the Jacksboro Country Club involving a Wise County elected official. 
  • The weaponization of drones.

  • Oops, I forgot one:

  • Paxton is as corrupt as the day is long, but I don't know if a grifter off a family name can take him down. Yesterday, George P touted that he was the only Bush family member to support Trump. You might remember Trump crucified his father in the Republican primaries. 

  • For years, I've dogged Garth Brooks for his fake and over-the-top reaction to the crowds which have come to see him. You know, the wild eyed false look of astonishment as he pretends he didn't expect his audience to be full.  Well, this weekend you'll get to see it on full display as he will be honored by the Kennedy Center in a ceremony -- an event which is historically littered with a ton of clips of the honoree watching other artists perform his or her songs.   This weekend's broadcast has already been recorded and produced, and we have proof that Garth will be prime form from someone who got to witness the filming:

  • Shot.

  • Nate Paul, in the headline below, is the guy behind the story which will ultimately bring down Ken Paxton on "bribery and abuse-of-office allegations."  Here's a great (and pretty wild) profile about him.