Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Ten years since an old motel right alongside of 287 in the heart of Decatur was razed, It looked like it could star in a horror movie.  The property still remains vacant. 
  • There is no Update. The courthouse is closed. The streets are empty. But here I am, THWMISB™.
  • Oh, my! The kid who allegedly abducted four year old Cash Gernon out of his home had stayed at that house before. Kudos to Fox News for picking up a critical fact in the arrest warrant affidavit that Channel 11 did not (but even they buried it in in the story despite the headline.)  So how did this come out? Remember that we learned on Friday that Darriynn Brown had almost abducted another kid a couple of months earlier, but that homeowner didn't press charges? Here's the reason listed why: 

    • I remember seeing an interview by KXAS with an 18 year old who lived in the home where Cash Gernon was taken from. They weren't related but he called Cash his "brother." But he didn't say anything about Darriynn Brown staying in the home at times although I guess it's possible he didn't know.

  • We had a absolute drama at the Texas Capitol last night. Since it takes 2/3 of the House to be present to have a quorum, Democrats began to disappear over the evening as the House debated a voter bill that President Biden said "attacks the sacred right to vote" and called it "wrong and un-American". As the clock struck midnight, the session officially ended with no vote.

  • Republicans will now just call a special session and pass it anyway.
  • Compare and contrast: Only 35 Republicans in the 100 member Senate voted against establishing the January 6th Commission, but it still failed despite 54 votes for it.

  • If you hear about Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick bragging about a $350 electric bill credit we might get because of the Winter Storm Disaster, realize that he is forgetting to tell you that we will all eventually pay it back with a tax on our electric bills. 
  • Good lord

  • A (fake) coffin was found on the lawn of the Dallas County DA.

  • This is really, really rare. After his conviction, he elected to have the judge assess punishment instead of a jury. He was eligible for probation. 

  • Let's just say they are handing out Vaccination Passports, and I've got me one. 

  • Who believes that? This was out of Kerrville by the way. On Saturday I saw a truck covered with QAnon stickers and another with the "III" logo. Those folks are everywhere. 

  • I'm not a fan of fighting videos but one from 7th Street in Fort Worth and another from the Dallas Mavericks parking garage over the weekend proved that you should never fight while drunk and/or against someone with boxing skills. 

  • Ticket fans only: The Valedictorian at Graham High School threw in the "My Pig" story. 

  • The Star-Telegram doesn't mention the Colonial anywhere on the front page.