Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Exactly 10 years ago yesterday, we were dealing with this silliness. The White House link is still active.

  • The media trying to cover the oral arguments in Amber Guyger's appeal yesterday found out just how unexciting oral arguments are. (You can watch a recording of it here.)
  • DPS needs to come clean with what happened in Haslet on Friday. An plain-clothes DPS "special agent" was shot as he was approaching a house by a guy who didn't know who he was. In fact, the shooter had actually called 911 about being followed and by a "man with a gun."  The officer survived, but the shooter hasn't been charged. But on Friday DPS spokesperson Lt. Lonny Haschel kept referring to the shooter as "a suspect" and said he was "in custody."  I wonder if the DPS agent followed the wrong guy and almost scared him to death. There's more to this story than they are telling. 

  • I know absolutely nothing about the case below, but it has been set for a relatively unusual "sentencing hearing" in the Decatur district court yesterday and today. Look at how old the offense dates are. 

  • I'm telling you, everyone in the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office is going to be fired after all is said and done. The local defense bar is now rightly demanding an independent investigation into the office's recent screw-ups. 

  • Not getting the vaccine is a political statement. It's an attitude of (1) COVID was overblown, (2) big government used it as an excuse to take away my rights, (3) the liberal media used it to help defeat Trump, so (4) I'm not doing anything that "they" tell me to now.  Either that, or you believe the government wants to secretly implant you with a computer tracking device. 

  • I still haven't rehired my Liberally Lean Weather Staff after their failed snow predictions over the past year, so I had to steal this graphic for today. This is updated as of 8:00 a.m. Edit: Frankie has issued a warning for today

  • Crazy Randy Quaid has announced he may run for governor in California. Yet he, just like Caitlyn Jenner, incorrectly thinks that the governor appoints district attorneys. 

  • The family of Marvin Scott wants the names of the jailers in Collin County who were involved in his death after those jailers "tried to strap him to a restraint bed, pepper-sprayed him and covered his face with a spit hood until he became unresponsive." But the Sheriff won't give up the names. As every law enforcement officer does when they try to hide something, the Sheriff has requested an Attorney General's opinion on whether they had to release the information. There is a slight Wise County connection, however: The Sheriff submitted "a written statement to the attorney general’s office from Texas Ranger Jeremy Wallace that said release of the names 'would interfere with the Custodial Death investigation and potential future prosecution of crime/crimes related.'" Ranger Wallace used to be assigned to Wise County and assisted the Wise County Sheriff's Office in the Aric Maxwell/Lauren Whitener case.  

  • Random old photo that appeared on Twitter last night: WFAA's Dale Hansen with some extremely short shorts. 

  • The Musers on The Ticket were talking about this "revenge porn" case this morning and, infuriatingly so, they were in favor of the lady being sent to prison.  (Long time readers know I think there is a huge First Amendment issue with revenge porn statues, and I have predicted that the Texas Court of Appeals is about to strike down the Texas revenge porn statute in this case.)  Anyway, host Gordon Keith agreed with the sentence saying "you can't be doing that" because "the pictures were sent with an expectation of privacy."  Host Craig Miller agreed, but added how he thinks it's nuts to send nude photos to someone because "it will come back to haunt you."   So which is it? If you send nude photos to someone, do you have an expectation of privacy or do you know it can come back to haunt you? 

    • For those that think it is wrong for the woman to share the photos: Do you think it should be a crime if she had simply described the photos to her friend in excruciating detail? Should the government be able to put you in a cage for that? 
  • Remember the couple attacked by the bobcat in the viral video? Well, I always heard that rabies shots were painful, and the couple now attests to the fact in a recent article in USA Today. As to the number they had to take, they "had to get single shots in the arm five times after the initial shots, which totaled 35 shots in 14 days." (That's a confusing way to describe it.)

  • A crazy Georgia Sheriff was indicted for civil rights violations with emphasis on a special "restraint chair" that he used. One of the allegations involve arresting a guy for "harassment" who had called one of the sheriff's deputies to collect on a lawn care debt. After his arrest, he was then strapped in the chair. It's all insane.

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