Random Monday Morning Thoughts

The deputy's name was Clifton Taylor, age 31. He had responded with other deputies to a domestic disturbance near Venus and was told the subject of the call was in a shed in the back. They went to it and opened the door, and the man inside "says, 'I can't,' and then he comes up with a gun and opens fire."  The man, Wesley Davis, was killed by other deputes.  A portion of I-35 near Alvarado to Burleson was renamed in his Taylor's honor in 2017.

  • There was lots of blowback last year from COVID deniers as to what constituted a "COVID death." But now we have pretty dramatic proof of the power of the virus. Just look at the total raw death numbers in America per year.  For the last four years we've tallied, 2.8 million, 2.8 million, 2.9 million, and then jumped to 3.5 million last year.

  • After 21 years and three national championships at Baylor, women's basketball coach Kim Mulkey, 58, is leaving for LSU. Even though Mulkey is a Louisiana girl, I really don't understand this at all. Then again, if you're bored and want a new challenge, knock yourself out. But this might not work out like she thinks it will. 

    • In kind of unrelated yet interesting connection, Mulkey got into it on the court in 2006 with the LSU women's coach at the time, Pokey Chatman, who had said something to Mulkey which pissed her off before the game.  What was said? We still don't know. But Mulkey said later, "You don't say things like that. She hasn't earned the right to say something like that to me" because "she hasn't been coaching long enough."  Chatman, despite being a fantastic coach, was fired the next year because of an "alleged inappropriate sexual relationship between Chatman and a former player." Even back then, the Waco paper speculated then that LSU would come calling, but they didn't. They sure did now. 
  • On Friday, a tornado(s) near Lockett (southwest of Vernon) combined with a rainbow for some fantastic photos. There's a bunch of them out there. 

  • A couple of Trump Insurrectionists from Montague County have been arrested

  • A small town Texas mayor had a bad night. Probably the most interesting tidbit is that he was arrested by his own police department.

  • I've got lots of questions about this story. "[The little league coach] was working his nightshift in Dallas when he walked out to find his van up in flames" in the parking lot. He says someone stole the team's gear out of it. (Fox 4's report on Youtube is here.) A GoFundMe page, set up an assistant coach, has been set up here with the note "***Any excess funds will go towards a new vehicle for the Marlowe’s as insurance will not be covering a replacement.***"

  • Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotten weighed in on D.C. statehood.   Why doesn't he just come out and say Wyoming is white and D.C. is black? 

  • Transgendered Caitlyn Jenner will run as a Republican in the California governor recall race.  Regarding the issues, she might want to first figure out that District Attorney's are elected and were not appointed by current governor Gavin Newsome. 

  • This scam for birthday gifts would not worth the potential payoff. 

  • For some reason I watch the remake of True Grit this weekend. Thoughts: I think I like anything that has Jeff Bridges in it, Matt Damon can't act, and that was a tiny, tiny role for Josh Brolin. 

  • The movie also had the most accurate courtroom scene ever as it depicted the futility of objecting to leading questions even when you are right. 

  • Today at 2:00 p.m., the Census Bureau will announce new state populations which will change how many representatives an how many votes in the electoral college each state gets. That's a big deal.