Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Craig James ended up running for the Senate -- the race eventually won by Ted Cruz -- but most don't remember that. But Tech fans still remember how an incident with his son was used by the school's higher ups to get rid of Mike Leach. 

  • Here's another follow-up to that Senate race: I had forgotten that Cruz came in second place in the first round but ended up winning the run-off.  Notice that James got only 3.68%. 

  • Greg Abbott, dogged by his handling of COVID and the winter storm, has struck back. When things are going bad for you politically, you pull out your Trump playbook and look at page one: "The border! Brown people are coming!"

  • The Covid Package passed Congress on Saturday without a single Republican vote in the Senate. That's a $1,400 check for you. 
  • This guy was just minding his own business in McKinney on Friday when a bullet fired from a different apartment pierced the wall and killed him

    • It didn't save his life, but his friends and family were notified by his Apple Watch when he hit the floor hard. 
  • Bath and Body Works employees are not putting up with your crap. Video

  • Based upon what we've seen lately, this Missouri pastor should set up shop in Frisco. Video

  • Oh, come on. We can all agree that Pepe Le Pew was way too handsy.  

  • Very nerdy legal stuff. Justice Amy Coney Barrett issued her very first authored opinion last week and there was a dissent from Justice Breyer. After both were released, there was the rare revision of Breyer's dissent when he came back and inserted "with respect."  What's really nerdy is that there was at least one guy who noticed that "with respect" was missing from the git go. 

  • I was having to reconstruct part of a water sprinkler system due to freeze damage this weekend and learned an important distinction which could derail any related DIY project: There's a difference between "hose thread" and "pipe thread."  And for less than $2 there's a plastic adapter to convert one to another: 

  • Youtube has revolutionized any DIY project. No matter what you are trying to do, there's a video out there by some nice guy or gal walking you through each step like you're an idiot. And when I look for those videos, I welcome being treated like an idiot.  
  • The Star-Telegram weighed in on a problem which won't go away on the 40 Acres: 

  • It seems like the Cowboys will put the Franchise Tag of Dak Prescott by the 3:00 p.m. Tuesday deadline, but wouldn't it be wild if they just simply let him walk away? But I don't think it is that crazy. If they have to use the Tag for the second straight year right now, it means they would owe him $37 million for this upcoming season. But having to use the Tag means they couldn't reach a long term deal which also means they'll have the same problem next year.  The price of using the Tag again next year goes to $54 million for the 2022 season. They wouldn't do that, would they?  And if they wouldn't do it next year, would they consider not doing it this year? I mean, if the Dak Era ends next year, why not end it now and save $37 million? And what about that broken leg? 

  • I watched the one man show, In and Of Itself, on Hulu, and it's really, really good. And it's also almost impossible to explain. Part magic. Part therapy. Part introspection. And it is ok if you have moments of  "What exactly am I watching?" or "What exactly is he trying to tell me?"  I got so much out of it, and some of it is still dawning on me. Trailer.

  • England is all riled up over the Oprah interview (and equally shocked that American TV has pharmaceutical ads.)