Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts


  • That photo was posted on 2/2/2011. I knew that the ice storm on Super Bowl week was bad in the metroplex, but I had forgotten how it was even worse here. That's a WFAA reporter who was doing a live shot across from Taco Casa on Business 380 in Decatur.
  • Texas hospitalizations:

  • The Wise County Conservatives held their first meeting Monday night. 
    • There was a really big crowd and looked liked what you would expect.

    • I didn't see any local elected officials in the audience, and I'm not exactly sure what they think about this group.
    • There was a lot of  "Texas Secede!" thrown around.  
    • There was some anti-Republican rhetoric which makes me think those people would rather be part of a Trump Patriot Party. From today's Messenger:

    • I think the keynote speaker, Texas GOP Chairmen Allen West, was a disappointment only because it seems like the state Republican power brokers have told him to tone it down. He wasn't his normal flame thrower self and instead told the group to stop talking about secession and to not fall for QAnon conspiracies. I'm not sure that's what that fired up crowd came to hear. 

    • The next meeting might have a double meaning including secessionist theme. 
  • A staffer in the Texas GOP office run by Allen West was fired last week when a video surfaced.  Here it is. It's 100% crazy. Spoiler alert: He went to the pizza restaurant in D.C. at the heart of the looney Pizzagate. 

  • Last night, the remains of the police officer who was murdered by the Trump Insurrectionist on January 6th were delivered to the Capitol to lie in state.

  • Meanwhile, at that exact same moment on Fox News: 

  • If you haven't seen yesterday's appearance on Newsmax by the MyPillow guy, you have to. He started firing off Dominion conspiracy theories but the Newsmax host, already having been warned by his bosses that they are about to be sued into oblivion, immediately began talking over him and started reading a defamation retraction the station had already aired. The host then gets so frustrated that he walks off the set when the MyPillow guy won't shut up. "Can I ask our producers -- can we get out of here please!?"

  • Trump's new lawyers filed their legal brief for the upcoming Impeachment trial. It is only fitting that they didn't know how to spell "United States." 

  • DPS mistakenly emailed this alert out three times on Friday. Really.
  • The White House Press Secretary openly mocked Space Force yesterday. Thank you. 

  • If you want become rich by shooting a hog, those Wise County boys over at The Hunting Game are offering big money this year. (They've got a heck of a scene going on.)  Oh, and they have a promotional video for the contest which involves some quality comedy. 

  • Nothing say "conservatism" and "America" like government imposing a fine on a private company for exercising its First Amendment rights in a way the government doesn't like. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold