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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • That's from 2/3/2011 as the ice and snow storm that week continued. It's Bizarro World: Judge Clay Jenkins was being criticized for keeping offices open. And I had completely forgot about him breaking his leg
  • Texas Hospitalizations: 13 decreases in the last 14 days.

  • I was wrong about no elected officials being at the the Wise County Conservatives meeting. The Runaway Bay mayor was there.  There's an audio of the entire event where you can (barely) hear several elected officials identify themselves from the audience at the 24:00 minute mark.

    • But there were some Parker County elected officials there including a district judge. (Side note: Hey, I saw the way Parker County reacted during the BLM rallies last summer on your courthouse square. I'm not sure Wise County needs Parker County's help.)
    • After listening to all the speakers in the entire audio, I think the new group is already in the middle of the identity crisis. What they heard from the keynote speakers is not what they came to hear. These are "Trump Patriots" and the status quo is the last thing they want spoon fed to them.
    • Most of the reaction I got from posting the photo of the group yesterday had nothing to do with politics -- it was about the lack of masks.
  • The Republicans in the House, in a secret ballot last night, voted 145-61 to keep Liz Chaney in her leadership position. Chaney, of course, voted to impeach Trump for the Insurrectionists Storming of the Capitol on January 6th.  Afterward receiving that round of support, she doubled down afterwards. She rightfully thinks Trump should be impeached.  

    • How many of the 61 that voted against here were from Texas? I bet a bunch. 
    • What would the impeachment vote last month had been if it were allowed to be secret as well? 
    • But Matt Gaetz (who certainly was one of the 61) told us Liz Chaney was doomed.
      • One week ago:

      • Yesterday: "We have the votes"

      • He even went to Wyoming to get to know her constituents.

  • Despite being all together behind closed doors last night, the House Republicans amazingly decided not to take away the committee assignments QAnon disciple Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene. Why? This isn't hard. Instead it will go to a vote today before the full House where the Democrats will have to do it for them. Kevin McCarthy couldn't have screwed this up more if he tried. 

    • McCarthy set himself up for Nancy Pelosi to take a savage shot at him through a press release yesterday: 

    • And things like this get floated around:

    • Just slap down the nutcase and none of that happens. 
    • So Greene was "contrite" last night behind closed doors? Who cares? You don't get to just walk away from views about Jewish Laser Beams from Space causing wild fires and everything else.
    • Instead, news leaks that Marjorie Green Taylor got a standing ovation last night behind those closed doors. (I'm guessing that came from the same 61 who voted to strip Liz Chaney of her leadership position.)

  • They've lost him?

  • Some breaking news last night on Fox News:

  • After Fox News turned on him and then Newsmax, you could always count on OAN to come to the rescue of the MyPillow guy. 

  • Freezing Cold Takes: In February of 2002, I distinctly remember being in a taxi cab in Las Vegas and told the cab driver that I thought the Patriots should trade Tom Brady.  It was Brady's second year, and he had stepped in for an injured Drew Bledsoe and led New England to the Super Bowl.  "I think he's a flash in the pan, and I trade him for a trainload of draft pics. You could rob some team," I told him. 
  • Five children and 1 adult were murdered in Muskogee, Oklahoma on Monday night, and you might not even know about it.