Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas Hospitalizations: Back over 9,000.

  • The Wise County dashboard had its weekly COVID update yesterday. This, if accurate, would be a record: 

  • I told you the Supreme Court wouldn't sniff any of those silly election challenge lawsuits, and yesterday it summarily killed Trump's major case challenge in a unanimous one line Order. Then again, maybe it's just because the Court, with three Trump appointees, is actually part of the Deep State. 
    Those trying to overturn an election
    are very bad at their jobs. 

  • Prediction: Ken Paxton's dumb lawsuit filed directly in the Supreme Court yesterday will suffer the same fate very quickly. The states who were sued have until 3:00 p.m. today tomorrow to respond, so it won't be before then. But Trump remains delusional this morning: 

  • So what happens when the next Trump shows up but in a more-polished and charismatic package? 
  • Bits aren't always fun. "HARTFORD, Conn — A text message sent to 19 co-workers, involving a bet on where Hartford's first homicide in 2021 would be, has a Hartford Police detective in very hot water." But I'll give him credit for coming up with some well thought out rules to avoid ties or controversies. Well, at least some controversies. 

  • Dez Bryant was diagnosed with COVID minutes before kick-off last night. Uh . . . 

  • I'm no linebacker expert, but everyone seems to be rightfully dogging Jaylon Smith for being just gawd-awful this year (and last.)  Every remember that press conference during training camp just two years ago when the Cowboys hit him over the head with a big bag of money?:

  • Excuse me while my Civil Liberties Warning System goes berserk: In an effort to stop prostitution, the Dallas city council is considering a "no-cruising" ordinance which would make it a crime to drive on certain city streets if you do it three times or more. That's it. Just drive on a public street.

  • We've got confirmation of a bullet point from yesterday regarding political ads in the Peach State:

  • A random Fifth Circuit opinion yesterday demonstrated that the Court quotes Dr. Seuss when it gets angry. 

  • I don't know how this works, but I'm all for it. 

  • Random Robert Jeffress timeline review: (1) Bible tells us not to love money, but (2) Send me $1.2 million. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold