Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas hospitalizations: Slight uptick again. (But we also had 273 deaths in Texas logged yesterday.)

  • And the national numbers, including hospitalizations, are crazy.  At least the Pfizer vaccine gets approved today. 

  • Oh, my. 

  • Translated: "Even though I've been a complete Trump suck-up, the lawsuit is stupid and even I'm embarrassed for Texas."

  • Ken Paxton's attempt to overthrow the election, and the fact that 18 other state attorneys general joined in, is mind-boggling.  If you think the United States survives for another 50 years, you are out of of your mind. We are more than ripe for coup and a third of the population would readily support it right now if they could get away with it. (Can you imagine if 19 Democratic states had agreed to sue Texas to have Al Gore awarded our electors?)

  • But while contemplating the demise of the U.S., at least I saw this at the Decatur Visitor's Center. The shadow effect is what got my attention. I like it. 

  • If you think there could ever be Zoom criminal trials, think again. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed a case yesterday where a nurse testified by video. 
  • I wonder if we have any Wise County officials or law enforcement officers who are members of "Oath Keepers." Here's a story of how it is true in Hood County.

  • Federal district court judges have too much time on their hands if they can start a legal opinion with this wind-up:

  • Gov. Abbott is now sending in state troopers to Houston to help with road rage.  I keep telling you, those boys in DPS didn't sign up for deployments as if they are in some kind of special forces. 
  • Random property hearing in Wise County JP#2 today over the ownership of some big boots and shoes:

  • Random Fox and Friends screenshot from this morning: She's such a good American that she has an American Flag in her kitchen.

  • A beloved turkey from Argyle makes front page news after he was killed by a motorist. He might have hit the bird with his car before he wrung its neck -- we don't know. But rest easy because at least two investigators from the Argyle police department (who conducted "multiple interviews" and "obtain video footage") are on the case which is also be investigated by at least one game warden. The incident even got a press release from Argyle PD.  Raise your hand if you've eaten a turkey in the last 14 days.