Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Breaking local COVID news: The virus has hit the Wise County Sheriff's Office. My well placed deep throat sources tell me that someone very high up in the administrative ranks had been diagnosed with COVID-19. 
  • Wise County active cases: 52
  • Texas hospitalizations. The streak is over. We are +10 from yesterday. 
  • The University of North Carolina shut down online classes on Monday. Notre Dame shut it down yesterday. This is going very well. 
  • Failed bit?
  • The unexpected star of the Democratic National Convention last night was calamari which made an appearance during the states' roll call voting. 
    "Vote for Biden or the calamari gets it!" 

  • Something which would have destroyed any other president in American history: The Republican led Senate Intelligence Committee released its final report yesterday concluding that Russia disrupted the presidential election to help Trump get elected and that the Trump campaign welcomed the help with open arms.  Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and "I love WikiLeaks" were all part of a grand scheme. Who would have thunk? (Not to mention Kushner's and Junior's and Manafort's meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower. How on God' green Earth did that not get them all indicted?) 
  • Let's make is simple. Here's the conclusion of Republican Senate report for those in the back:
  • I can't tell you how great this four minute clip is of Anderson Cooper just destroying the My Pillow guy yesterday. It is glorious, and it is brutal.  Mike Lindell, who is a snake oil salesman, is trying to profit by promoting a supplement which he actually calls a "cure" (his word, not mine) for COVID-19. Lindell was just placed on the Board of Directors of the company trying to pull off this scam and is trying to make money off this ruse. Cooper isn't letting him off the hook. 

  • I can't believe the Cowboys had a provision in the Gerald McCoy contract which allowed them to cut him without receiving his "guaranteed money" if he received the specific injury that he did. I've said it before, they have the worst union in America. This is the actual provision: 
  • Heck of a fire in Grand Prairie this morning. (I don't know who the @Fox4Terry guy is, but he's always on the night shift and gets some really good photos.)
It's at a plastic manufacturing plant.
"Uh, Bob, we need ya down at the plant. We got a little problem."
(Honestly, I have no idea who this guy is.)
  • The S&P has hit a new record. The New York Times has a headline today which reads, "The Market Is Nuts." It is. And it no longer reflects the realities of the economy. It's a barometer of how the rich are doing. 
  • I've never really thought about the fact that the guy from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was wearing a jacket and tie. 
  • MessengerAbove the Fold.  (They have a front page story about something I have been griping about for over a decade: The death ramp at highway 380 and 287 which is home to the most abused guardrail in America.)