Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active: 45. (-7).  Deaths: 7 (+2). I've confirmed that at least part of the big jump we had was from a nursing home outbreak. 
  • Texas hospitalizations. That's -236 from yesterday so the drop resumes after a one day deviation.
  • If you've tried to mail a letter lately, you are acutely aware that the post office is being jacked with based upon how long it takes to be delivered. Here's a side effect: The delays are causing people to be hit with late charges on their bills if they pay them the old fashioned way or even if they use auto-pay if the bank has to cut and mail a physical check.
  • Breaking moments ago: Steve Bannon just got indicted
  • When a president wants to punish an American company for not allowing campaign slogans and doesn't realize that he desperately needs to hang onto Ohio in the 2020 election. 
  • It you missed what Thom Brennaman said last night when he didn't realize his mic was hot, here it is. And here's his apology less than an hour later. He was fired suspended before the game ended. 
  • Say what?
  • Russia is believed to have poisoned this guy's tea at an airport. Ever since I watched The Americans, I wonder about how they pull stuff like this off. More likely than not they used a hot girl to distract a waiter for a moment.
  • The current Democratic National Convention's biggest difference from 2016 is that this time the Democrats take Trump seriously.  The last time they considered him to be a joke, and it was not imaginable to them that a reality TV show host and known BSer could get elected. It's like Michigan having the chance at a rematch with Appalachian State.
  • Small talk about weather: Man, with the low humidity, the very early morning hours are incredibly nice for what will be 90 degree August days. It feels like Fall before Fall.
  • This guy's business used to have an exclusive tow truck contract with the city of Wichita Falls before his wheels kind of fell off. The story is a little strange, but if you ask about the president's course of travel while wearing an ankle monitor and having a gun in your car while in D.C., they get a little uptight. 
  • Ticket fans: I'm not sure what's going on but Mark "Look at the sky, Friedo" Friedman is in the hospital. Edit: The station actually said this morning he was "fighting for his life" due to pneumonia.
  • Speaking of The Ticket, the fill-in boys were discussing police searches today and briefly touched on civil right by using the standard of "if it solves crimes it's OK, right?" and "you shouldn't have anything to hide." Kill me. 
  • Since yesterday at noon, 18 people have been booked into the Wise County jail on new charges. That's an insane number. All but one were warrantless arrests  (i.e. DWI, drugs, etc.) That brings the total jail population to 189 which is a pre-COVID level.