Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, well, well. We all know that I'm the Hardest Working Man In Show Business™, a Weather Forecaster Extraordinaire™, and the Greatest Criminal Law Scholar in the Southwest Proper™. And now time and time again I've proven my innate and almost supernatural ability to smell a scam from a mile away. I saw this Bubba Wallace/Noose story as a NASCAR hoax from the get-go and, you, dear reader, were fortunate enough for me to share it with you. (How there's not a statue of me on the Wise County Courthouse lawn is one of life's great puzzles.) 

    This is floating around putting it back to at least 2017. 
  • But Bubba Wallace is not helping the/his cause. (He was doing the same thing on CNN last night.) But like I said yesterday, I don't think this is a Bubba based scam. It's a NASCAR scam. That immediate, and so very hate-crime definitive, press release from NASCAR within hours after the noose was "discovered" was the first red flag.
  • Local Coronavirus Crisis Update: Other than everyone is still freaked out, I really don't have any big update from the current spread going around the courthouse square. But perhaps we will at least get back to some official updated numbers soon. This from late last night:
  • Texas official numbers continue to be insane: 

    New cases
  • Six states other than Texas hit their highest hospitalization totals ever yesterday: Arizona, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
  • Did I mention Arizona also set a record yesterday with a report of 3,593 new cases and 42 new deaths? The same day when there was a Trump Youth Rally at a Mega-Church last night. 
    And all the people roared and laughed, "Kung Flu!!!!"
  • Trump said yesterday that he wasn't kidding when he admitted on Saturday night that he ordered there to be less testing because he didn't like the numbers. That's about as close to a Nathan R. Jessup ordering the Code Red moment that'll you'll ever see by a president.
  • Just the Harris County DA casually telling her employees that it will help them on their job performance if they show up for a voter registration event for her. (People have been indicted for less.) Edit: Here's a weird clarification/damage control followup.
  • The Decatur High School Prom is apparently going on this weekend with this instruction
  • Look out on Lake Bridgeport! The Game Warden is in full Robocop mode based upon a review of cases filed in our local JP courts yesterday. (These tickets were written on Saturday and they've already been filed in court.)
  • Everyone is saying "Baseball is back!" after it was announced that an agreement for a 60 game schedule was reached yesterday evening. I'd tap the brakes on that. 
  • This cover of an upcoming Old 97s album was getting lots of buzz yesterday. All I could think of was did they get permission from the NFL, Staubach and/or the photographer. Very cool cover, though.
  • Random lightning strike in Argyle yesterday morning
  • Messenger: Above the Fold