Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Board:
    Total cases: 1,385,834. Total deaths: 81,795
  • Texas. (Any day now, I'm sure.):
  • Dallas County. (At least it has kind of plateaued. A high plateau, but a plateau nonetheless):
  • Wise County: 31 total cases. 7 active cases. (I think that's a new high.)
  • Here's a interesting tidbit about about Judge Eric Moye, who got caught up in the Shelley Luther mess, and a forgotten Texas Senator. Moye was once recommended by the senator to President Clinton for a federal judgeship, but Clinton never nominated him.  What senator mad the recommendation? That would be Bob Krueger. Who, you say? I had forgotten about him, too. When Sen. Lloyd Bentsen resigned to become Treasury Secretary under Clinton, Gov. Ann Richards appointed Krueger to takes his place. He only served for five months before being trounced in a special election by Kay Bailey Hutchison.
  • Speaking of Shelley Luther, did you know she admitted on The View that she received $18,000 in a PPP loan (which is a forgivable government loan so long as you primarily spend it on employee salaries.) You might recall how everyone was scrambling to get one of those loans before the money ran out. It's certainly not a big deal that she applied for and got one, but this is:  “There was $18,000 dropped in my bank account with no notice of what it was. So I get no instructions," she said in addition to noting that she doesn’t “know how I’m supposed to spend it.” Puuuuhleeese.
  • And speaking of past senators, whatever happened to Phil Gramm? You never hear a peep out of him. 
  • Mega law firm Thompson & Knight doesn't mess around
  • Ransomware!: The array of court websites that have* been hit are primarily used to find out  everything going on with cases in the appellate courts in Texas. The state said yesterday it won't pay the money, but the sites have been held hostage since Friday and that hasn't changed as of this morning.  I'd like to wager they end up paying the money. (*Have? Has? Is "array" singular or plural?)
  • Breaking: He, and the federal government, are our lord and savior.  And he wants you to know it during another tweet storm this morning.
  • Trump has been dropping the "transition into greatness" line time and time again over the last week as he tries to convince us everything will be fine once the pandemic has passed. He'll probably stop doing that since they forgot to buy the domain name. 
  • That video of people running from the gunfire in Fort Worth over the weekend is pretty wild, but I'm not sure why Fox 4's Steve Eagar needed to tells us that some of those who had gathered "were reportedly drinking and riding ATVs." That's a weird detail.
  • A sports note that got my attention. I'll always think Tony Romo was pretty spare. 
  • More sports: This kid was suspended and sent home from the state title game last December because he wouldn't give up his phone. I'm sure he and Gary Patterson will get along just fine. 
  • We love lists: The 50 Best Shows (old and new) on Netflix right now. 
  • The Update has a report of a crazy wreck in Chico involving two vehicles driven by a 17 year old and a 16 year old. They might have buried the lede: Both drivers allegedly fled on foot.