Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The Board. We cracked 80K in deaths but still on a downward trend nationwide.
    Total cases: 1,367,638. Total deaths: 80,787
  • Texas continues to head in the opposite direction. It's hard to see from that chart, but we set a record of three straight days cracking over 1,000 new cases:
  • Metro: All counties trending up, but it doesn't help that the federal government has allowed its Fort Worth federal prison to jump to 423 cases.
  • Wise County: Total cases 30. Active cases 6. I don't know if this means we go back to 25% since we now crack the 5 active case threshold (not that anyone would pay attention if we were required to), but I'm guessing the answer is no.
  • The Decatur Walmart parking lot on Sunday did not look like the 50% Rule was being enforced.  It was full. 
  • The Harris County (Houston) Clerk  resigned instead of dealing with the public during the pandemic. 
  • A message from the President as 80,000 are now dead: Let me use my official Twitter account to promote a golf course so I can make some money. Book your tee time now. Incredible: 
  • Check out that graphic on Trump's favorite network, OAN. The Clintons, George Soros, and Bill Gates are all part of a China coverup. 
  • VP Pence's press person and wife of Stephen Miller, who I think qualifies as a "very fine person", has tested positive for the 'rona. Trump used the news to talk about how testing is really kind of silly since she tested positive "out of the blue" despite several other negative tests. Wait until he learns how pregnancy testing works. 
  • Ted Cruz prostituted himself by running to the Dallas salon to get in front of the cameras and then got into a fight with Joe Scarborough on twitter and managed to insert a teenage girl's panties into the dispute.  Where have all the statesmen gone?
  • Speaking of the salon with a scoop of ice cream, why doesn't every bar in Texas open up now on the basis of civil disobedience? Abbott and Cruz and Paxton would now have to bless that criminal conduct, right? 
  • Trump tweeted or retweeted 125 times yesterday. That's one every 7.5 minutes for 16 straight hours. On Mother's Day. And between Ivanka, Marla, and Melania, he had a lot of mothers to send well wishes to.
  • So he's the self appointed Coronavirus Police
  • There was an underground rodeo held in Clay County during the lockdown. I looked at the story and we saw a couple of great quotes. First from the organizer: "I think this is all bull (expletive) anyways. I think the whole virus thing is just crap . . . . The reason it got to the point it is, is the media made it spread.” Then we learned the county judge felt strongly both ways: 
  • Stuff likes this drives me nuts. Why don't you just walk into the other room and tell her instead of posting a video message? 
  • We had reports of a serious dog bite in Wise County yesterday and the Internet responded with genuine concern.
  • Jerry Stiller has died. Hot comedy opinion: That Festivus episode of Seinfeld was dumb and not funny at all. But RIP.
  • The Double Rainbow Guy has died at age 57. He was on The Ticket once and was just as great as you think he would be. 
  • I learned over the weekend that if a massive tarantula shows up in the  middle of a big window while you are in a house with three females, you'd think there was a band of zombies trying to break in. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold