Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The Board:
    Total cases: 965,214

    Total deaths: 49,465
  • Texas:
  • Tarrant (That's a little wild): 
  • Wise County: 15 total cases with 1.51% of population tested.  (The Update's opening paragraph doesn't give you much confidence in Wise County's numbers.)
  • A lot of restaurants in Colleyville defied the Tarrant County order and opened up their patios to big crowds. The response of Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley? "Well, it's a free country." (I told you from the beginning no one is getting in trouble for ignoring any of these "orders".)
  • Amazingly, the only major defiance out of Dallas County was a hair salon named Salon A la Mode (ugh). Now the owner of it, Shelley Luther, did get a ticket. She tore it up at an Open Texas rally on Sunday.
  • Failed congressional candidate and Empower Texans darling Chris Putnam  was supporting the Colleyville uprising on Twitter this weekend. WBAP said this morning he was leading a "bar crawl" in the stockyards this Saturday, but I can't find anything about it online.  By the way, he wants you to know he owns several homes. 
  • And another:
  • My Rural Uprising™ theory has become more of an Urban Uprising. But I bet that changes unless Gov. Abbott doesn't cave to far right pressure today and allow massive reopening in low population counties.
  • Drudge continued to dog Trump over the weekend. 
  • It's "Nobel", not "Noble." And they won Pulitzer Prizes, not Nobel Prizes. Other than that, you're doing fine. (He deleted the and then tried to defend himself by saying he was just being sarcastic.) 
  • The Montague County Sheriff's Office is taking this coronavirus very seriously when it comes to Ms. Struve. (Source: The Bowie News.)
  • I would like to report a record number of boats on Lake Bridgeport for an April weekend.
  • I made reference to this worst-person-in-the-world last week and, lo and behold, she showed up on Fox News Saturday. (She wants to keep people in jail if they can't afford to get out.) 
  • A Wise County evading arrest case was affirmed on appeal late last week. There's nothing particularly noteworthy about it. 
  • After Jalen Hurts was drafted by Philadelphia:
  • Bet you didn't know you needed to keep your head on swivel for flying bullets at Buc-ees, did ya?
  • One thing I've noticed about all the crime documentaries on Netflix is that the prosecutor, even when faced with overwhelming evidence that he has/is prosecuting the wrong guy, digs his heels in. Now that's how you become infamous. This guy, Forest Allgood,  a former Mississippi prosecutor, has earned his place in the Hall of Shame. You you can learn about in the first two episodes of The Innocence Files.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold