Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • At the moment I publish this, the stock market is down 2,005 points, and the price of oil has plummeted to $32 a barrel.  Good morning to ya. 
  • I'm not sure what happened while someone was launching a boat near the old Lake Bridgeport dam over the weekend, but it went horribly wrong. 

(I have no idea if that boat was the one that was launched at the time of the mishap.
I mention this just in case a boat owner is yelling, "Hey, that wasn't me!" right now)
  • Remember that chart I posted on Friday which showed the number of coronavirus cases diagnosed. Let's add three days to it. And, note, this shows new cases per day and not a cumulative chart. 
  • No worries. Trump decided to tell everyone on Friday that everyone who "needs a test gets a test." (No, you can't.) And then he somehow managed to bring this whole crisis back to his call to the Urkaine president that got him impeached. This was bizarre.  Then he went golfing for the weekend. 
    And what "letter"?
  • In an effort to never cease to amaze us, a post from yesterday proved he had never heard of Nero and Rome burning. 
  • Trump said on Friday that he wanted the infected cruise ship off the coast of California to remain at see. The plan then changed to bring the ship into port, but I say "plan" loosely. This gave us all confidence yesterday, right? (Video). Incredible. 
  • Remember this guy? Well a person died in his district from the coronavirus this weekend. He issued a statement that he was "extremely saddened."

  • Twitter invoked its new "This Is A Fake Video" warning over the weekend for the first time. It just happened to be a video altering what Joe Biden had really said. Trump had retweeted the fake video.
  • Long time readers will know nothing drives me more nuts than when the ME constantly getting out of his lane and offering opinions outside his area of expertise. You are a doctor. All you can tell me, medically speaking, is what caused a person to die. (i.e. an artery was severed, a heart was punctured, a trachea was collapsed.) Yet any time someone dies "at the hands of another" they slap the "homicide" label on an incident regardless of whether the death was the result of intentional or negligent conduct or whether is was by a simple accident -- all mental states that an ME is in absolutely no position to offer an opinion on.
  • I have a lot of questions about this story
  • This was in the recent Texas Bar Journal and has a Wise County connection. I can't believe I hadn't heard about this.
  • Random photo I had never seen before: First photo of the Alamo taken 1849.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold