Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I can summarize the current State of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Wise County with this: A picture from the toilet paper aisle at Brookshire's in Bridgeport taken yesterday afternoon by one of many correspondents. 
    Maybe those crazy Doomsday Preppers were right all along
  • On the national scale, this is a good summary of what went down yesterday. Yep, I'm watching MSNBC at 5:00 in the morning:
  • Edit: Austin just reported its first cases and the University of Texas just cancelled classes for today. (It was going to ride it out to get to spring break which would then be extended a week.)
  • Let's check the board. And, let me tell you something, these numbers are going to look microscopic compared to what we will see in a couple of weeks when the country with the Greatest Health Care System in the World finally gets off its arse and gets test kits to everyone who needs it. 
  • If you want to know why we are shutting down everything, below is a great graphic. The levels of the peaks might not be exact, and the line for health care capacity might not be precise, but the concept is 100% correct. 
  • You can't go three feet without hearing a rumor that we have have multiple cases in Wise County that have yet to be officially confirmed. Hey, there's no way it is not here
  • If every school is not shut down for at least next week, I'll be stunned. 
  • The district court in Wise County made an announcement that's important to lawyers who practice there and those who have upcoming court appearances.
  • Isn't it wild how the fake news Washington Post was on top of this 63 days ago? 
  • You want to know who is the most reluctant to shut down? The Texas Motor Speedway with their upcoming NASCAR race. That's their big money event. They may need it to simply survive. (But Eddie Gossage is losing his grip to hang on to it. For the race this weekend, NASCAR has banned fans from the Atlanta race.)
  • That picture was taken last week. Here's video at around the same time.  The guy in the glasses has tested positive for the coronavirus. Despite that, the White House says Trump has not undergone a test to determine if he has contracted the virus. Why not? That's mind-boggling. (Related: NPR reported yesterday that Trump has intentionally suppressed the number of tests available over the last few weeks because the results could/would hurt his election chances. Is there anyone who does not believe he would do that?)
  • And there it is! Early this morning he just blamed the CDC -- the same guys who have been standing side by side with him at every press conference trying to help him, support him, and make him understand. It's never his fault. Ever. And, dude, you've been president for three years! You've had time to fix any problem you saw. Blaming Obama as well won't save you now. 
  • He deleted it. He decided that suggesting a way for rich people to profit off of death was not be a good idea. 
  • No, this isn't a bailout. No one is being "given" money. But, man, the federal government will throw a trillion dollars around at a moment's notice. 
  • We might have a Heart Attack Pandemic of Fox News viewers after they saw this smokin' hot politician on their TV boxes last night.
  • Holy cow. Crazy Jerry Fallwell, Jr. is keeping Liberty University open to own the libs and went on Fox and Friends this morning saying the coronavirus was an intentional "gift" from North Korea. Video.
  • In news unrelated to the coronavirus, a Wichita Falls TV station has some info on Decatur PD that even I didn't know about:
  • Hey, did you know that the U.S. and Iraq have been launching bombs at each other over the last two days killing people on both sides?
  • Before there were DPS gun boats on the Rio Grande, they were doing this. I can't get enough of this picture
  • And in business news west of the Big Sandy, Bridgeport Building Center has been sold.
  • According to the Dallas Morning News today, Bridgeport has the lowest gas prices in the metroplex at $1.65 a gallon at three locations.