Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I just happened to buy Mrs. LL a Ninja Foodi for Christmas (her request) and, based upon the couple of weeks which have followed, I think she might divorce me and marry it.  To be fair, it has more utility than me. 
  • For some reason it's a big political story that Elizabeth Warren says Bernie Sanders told her in 2017 that a woman could not beat Trump. Sanders denies it. I don't care. 
  • Let's check in on State TV with their lead story at 6:01 EST/5:01 CST. 
  • Highway 287 between Decatur and Rhome flooded on Friday afternoon bringing traffic to a standstill.  I've seen that portion of the highway flood before, but never after just a single afternoon of rain. It normally takes days of a downpour before it happens. 
  • The last time National Champion LSU lost was at aTm and it took seven overtimes. Also, LSU's Joe Burrow looks like a former Trooper named Petty who worked in Wise County. 
  • Texas finished, #25, Baylor #13, and OU at #7 in the Final AP Poll. (That's the first time Texas has ended up ranked in back to back years since 2008-2009.) Here's the AP's Pre-season poll for those who like to compare and contrast: 
  • Yep, the Fake Babe Ruth is huge.
  • Just when you think he can't embarrass the country even more than he has. 
  • Seems wrong:
  • A man who was a Junior in college (and at least 20 years old?) wants $1 million for wanting friends so badly that he voluntarily was allegedly forced to drink almost a full bottle of licqour to be part of a group that most of us wouldn't want to be in the same room with. 
  • At halftime during last night's Championship Game, Jim Brown was named the #1 college football player of all time. He was before my time, but I know his stats in his short lived NFL career are outstanding. But get this: He averaged just 87 yards a game in college.
  • Crazy NFL receiver Antonio Brown proved he is crazier than we thought he was -- something I didn't think was possible. Language warning. And I mean extreme language warning. 
  • Troy Aikman (16) and Jimmy Johnson in 1983. I wonder whatever happened to the kid on the left.
  • The wife of a current Wise County Justice of the Peace, who was placed on probation for theft allegations regarding the James Wood family, began her four month jail sentence yesterday. The jail time was a condition of the probation -- she'll serve it at the jail in Decatur. (She doesn't show up on the jail list because, I think, it only shows those incarcerated with pending charges.)