Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • We now resume our regularly scheduled program. 
    Photo courtesy of Mrs. LL (Copyright. Trademarked. Patent Pending. All Rights Reserved. 2020)
  • Thanks to all those who messaged me tips while I was in Washington. I greatly appreciate it. 
  • I don't know why it stuck with me, but on Tuesday I was standing next to a young couple looking at a row of presidential portraits and she asked her husband, "Who is the most unpopular one?"  Now that's a great question. But he quickly responded, "That one. Andrew Jackson."  I did a silent, "Whoa! Whoa! Hold on there, buddy." She then immediately asked him why and he said, "The Trail of Tears."  I almost wanted to start up a conversation, but it would be kind of hard to start with, "Sure that was bad but . . . . "
    Jackson has a statue in Lafayette Square
  • Christmas and New Year's on a Wednesday isn't that bad. Depending on where you work, you might get more time off than if it were on a Monday or a Friday. 
  • I absolutely do not understand the Winter Classic hockey game.  When it was first announced, I didn't think it would be half full. There were over 85,000 at the Cotton Bowl. I don't get it. 
  • How in the world do we celebrate a war criminal having a clothing line? 
  • At least you didn't have to start your year off by dressing up as a Blooming Onion. 
  • It drives me nuts how politicians rush to get in front of the cameras after every high profile shooting. After the White Settlement incident, Lt. Dan Patrick had no business rushing up here. 
  • And the Tarrant County Sheriff had no business rushing to the cameras either. He didn't even have jurisdiction. It was a White Settlement PD case (which really wasn't a "case" since the would-be defendant was dead.)
  • I kept waiting for the national press to ask, "There's really a place named White Settlement?"
  • I saw where Lindsey Graham golfed with Trump on December 29th. Before my next trial, can I golf with one of my upcoming jurors?
  • This happened while I was away. (If you aren't following the "Brimley/Cocoon Line" on Twitter, you're missing one of life's little joys.)
  • How was there not more outrage about this?
  • This would be a great tradition if you have a young kid.
  • This got my attention from the Update's funeral announcement. "SERVICES for Oleta Nix, 95, and Joseph Nix, 100, both formerly of Bridgeport . . . are pending at Hawkins-Bridgeport."
  • I'm not a baseball guy, but I knew Don Larsen, who died yesterday, pitched a perfect game in the World Series. Did you know for his career he went 81-91 and in 1954 went 3-21? 
  • I used to watch the first 30 minutes of The Today Show religiously, but I haven't seen it in years. But this week I got to see some of it including a highlight reel of the "fun" they've had in 2019.  Long time readers will recall I used to have Ann Curry in my proverbial cross-hairs.  But I think I'd take her over Hoda. That lady's Fake Excitement Face needs to reeled in. I had that same Unexplained Abnormal Visceral Reaction Syndrome that used to come with watching Curry. 
  • Being a D.C. expert, I have the credentials to tell you that Texas gaining three house seats is a big deal.