Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • While on vacation, Trump ordered the assassination of the second most powerful person in Iran without Congressional notification. Get ready. That whole Peace-On-Earth thing really didn't stick this year. 
  • I'm not sure why it is necessary to threaten to kill Iranian civilians and immediately bring up oil. 
  • So far, all we've gotten is a blurry flag. But he does have a campaign rally at a megachurch in Florida today. 
  • Edit: He's given us an update but no one understands it. 
  • He knows what he's doing.
  • Let's check in on Tehran this morning.
  • I'm not sure what "harsh" means, but I keep seeing people warn of cyber attacks in addition to strategic strikes throughout the Middle East. Israel is probably nervous. Don't think that Iran doesn't have a few old fashioned Scud missiles laying around.
  • Someone should tell these kids they now have their chance to MAGA. Every military recruiting office opens this morning at 9:00 a.m.  
  • Here's the problem. An Administration which constantly lies has no credibility. They haven't earned the right to just say, "Trust me."
  • I've got to quick hit the other news:
    • The Affluenza Teen (who is now 22) was arrested for allegedly testing positive for THC which could violate his probation.
    • As he flashes a "horns down" sign, the quarterback for Highland Park announced he will sign with OU with his dad, who is the offensive coordinator for Auburn, looking on like a defeated parent in the background. (Video.)
    • The Illinois Lt. Gov. went out and bought edibles in front of the press since they are now legal in that state.
    • Thirty-nine Republican senators, including Cruz and Cornyn, signed a "friend of the court" brief supporting the overturning of Roe v. Wade.
    • An employee was told she can't wear her hijab at a Chicken Express in Saginaw.  They've since backtracked. 
    • Dr. Phil's house is for sale, and it has a staircase of snakes. (Side note: I had completely forgotten that we first learned of Dr. Phil when he was a jury consultant for Oprah when she was sued by the beef industry in Texas.)
    • Hustler sent a somewhat shocking Christmas Card to members of Congress (but the magazine is pretty much an expert of free speech.)
    • An unexpectedly cool gift I received over Christmas was a pair of Blink security cameras. They're great. Made by Amazon, the best part is that they run on two AA batteries and there's no monthly fee. They say the battery life is two years. #NotAnAd