Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Here's what Kobe Bryant's helicopter looked like. 
  • ABC News' reporter Matt Gutman rocked everyone when the news first broke of the helicopter crash with this statement on the air:  “The fact that four of his children are believed to be on that helicopter with him, all daughters, one of them a newborn . . . . " Obviously, that turned out not to be correct. ABC News put Gutman back on the air for the evening news and made him say the following. Heck, they even made him post the video of the retraction of Twitter. That boy might get fired. 
  • Maybe I'm an NBA idiot, but doesn't winning the spare Slam Dunk Contest seem extremely out of place on this list? 
  • Wichita Falls sure is producing a lot of criminal justice news these days. And not in a good way. 
  • That was some serious fog this morning. That's Reunion Tower.

  • The Bridgeport Index will cease publication this week. The penultimate column of the editor on Thurday said he didn't have any "venom" for the local retailers because you could count the number of them in Bridgeport and Chico on two hands.  I'm not sure what he was getting at.
  • Parts of John Bolton's new book have leaked and it should come as no surprise, as seen and heard from a guy in the room, Trump specifically withheld Ukraine funds until Ukraine announced a Biden investigation.  That's John Bolton saying this.  Of course, Trump's reaction was predictable:
  • How his supporters just let him get away with lie after lie will always be a mystery to me. He's at it again this morning.
Trump this morning vs. the news from last October.

  • Speaking of. 

  • Mark my word, give it two weeks and you won't hear anything more about the coronavirus.
  • Whey was there a guy in skeleton makeup just casually sitting in the audience at the Grammy's last night?
  • This was a pretty wild video that hit the Internet over the weekend. Your taxpayer funded White House religious consultant has thrown some hot sermons out there in the past.
  • Pretty cool: The first game for both schools this fall is Southlake vs. Westlake. Son vs. Father. At Jerry World. 
  • Remember that plant explosion in Houston on Friday morning? Look what happened by that afternoon. Too many lawyers?