Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Here's a new one. Did you know that you can receive a "federal ticket" on the LBJ Grasslands for weed possession? And it will command you to pay a pre-set, yet arbitrary, "forfeiture amount" or appear in federal court? A ticket which says "United States District Court" at the top of it? It's so crazy that I want to believe it's a scam that someone cooked up. But this website seems to indicate it's true. This is weird, and I can't believe I've never heard of it. 
  • I mentioned the other day about a guy who fired up a joint in front of a judge. There's video!
  • Everyone knew Trump wouldn't be convicted, but there was a sliver of hope that we would get to hear witnesses. That went down in flames last night when Sen. Lamar Alexander, who was a critical swing vote, said he would vote no on calling witnesses. But he also said that the House Managers had proved the Article I of the Articles of Impeachment. But then he said he wouldn't vote to convict.  

  • The halftime score in a women's SEC basketball game last night was 32-2. But for a shot with less than a minute left in the first half, it would have been 32-0. Ole Miss did not score on its first 31 possessions. And that's your women's college basketball update.
  • One thing I should have added yesterday when I posted a pic of Jerry Jones' yacht docking in Miami for the Super Bowl: "Have I mentioned that NFL owners have imposed a player salary cap?"
  • New: U.S. farm bankruptcies jumped 20% to hit an eight year high last year. Flashback from two weeks ago:
  • Coronavirus death count to date: 170. Shooting deaths in the US last year: 15,381
  • Runaway Bay, you're on deck. 
  • One thing I've never done is hide on the Internet with a fake name. I don't know what @TheLillyLawyer prosecutor tweeted to cause someone to out her, but the dog pile then began with her being outed and then everyone researching everything she ever said. She then deleted her account.  The last one might turn out to be problematic.

  • “My girls love to drink. Ain’t no telling what’s going to happen there. They are a hoot now. Good-looking, too.” - Terry Bradshaw.  It's The Bradshaw Bunch.  Remember when former Cowboys linebacker Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson said during Super Bowl week in 1979 that Bradshaw was so dumb that "he couldn't spell 'cat' if you spotted him the c-a." He was right then, and he's right now.  
  • The boys from The Ticket road in this boat in Miami yesterday as they were in town for the Super Bowl. If I heard correctly, it sells for over $1 million and can hit 155 mph.  I'm serious when I say, "What's the point?" You can't fish. You can't ski or tube. You can't walk around.

  • For you criminal law practitioners out there, the lead story below sounds like a really wild case. I don't know if the story is available online because the site kept crashing my browser.