Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Cowboy Tears for Christmas is not what you wanted.
  • Flashback:

  • About three months ago, a man was arrested by federal marshals on a Wise County murder charge for an incident occurring at a cockfight outside of Bridgeport. He's still in jail, but I noticed that he is no longer being held on a murder charge but instead is charged with Tampering of Evidence of a Human Corpse. 
  • I watched some of the Texas high school playoffs, but none of the games were nail-biters. Other than Waco La Vega, the team that beat Decatur in the semis last year, losing in the finals, and the "greatest trick play in kickoff return history" (which even my Bridgeport Freshman team ran), this was the only other thing that was entertaining was . . .  
  • I know I'm defending a case that just may have reasonable doubt written all over it when, last Friday, a guy comes to visit me at my office and hands me this card: 
  • On Friday we learned that 90 minutes after Trump's "perfect call" to the Ukraine president, the White House withheld the military aid.  Let me say it again: Why don't the Republicans just admit he did what he did but just say they think it was no big deal? At least be honest. 
  • I noticed that Robert Jeffress money-changing side gig, Pathway to Victory, was aired at midnight on, appropriately, the Fox Business Channel.
  • I don't know what I think about Gov. Abbott doing bits. 

  • Speaking of Cruz, he fired off a hot opinion about the federal government raising the cigarette smoking age to 21 because adults should "make that choice" whether to smoke because of "liberty."   Uh, Ted, now do weed. 
  • Someone check on Santa.
  • For those who remember my bullet point about the lawyer suing Allstate who fired off a bunch of over-the-top profane emails to opposing counsel, well the federal judge hauled him into court. The entire audio of the hearing is here. Highlights: The lawyer was sitting in the gallery and didn't make his presence known until about six minutes in, and the judge saying, “This is not the day to be cute. And I am not that guy.”
  • I've always thought it was odd that ignition interlock devices (those "blow devices" required in cars normally because of a DWI probation) not only require you to blow into it to start the car but also blow into it while you are driving (called a "rolling test.")  Apparently I had a reason to be concerned per the New York Times
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