Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I have never, ever considered a hamburger a sandwich, yet yesterday my favorite radio station crucified someone for saying that exact thing.  Afterwards, Google was not my friend. I'm disturbed by this revelation.
  • This story is getting a lot of attention. Woman dies. Husband, who has been dead ten years, found in freezer. Wife may have cashed VA checks. But everyone is going nuts over this: "In another strange twist, officers found a letter signed by [the dead husband] and notarized on December 2, 2008, stating that Jeanne was not the one responsible for his death. Police say the notary said she did not read the letter before notarizing it." That's the way it is supposed to be. A notary's purpose is to provide later proof that the signature of John Q. Public was indeed signed by John Q. Public, and she knows it was John Q. Public because she saw his ID or knew him personally.
  • Every day that exists where Trump stands impeached but not yet acquitted in the Senate is a day that drives him insane. 
  • Christianity Today came out with an article stating how ridiculous it was for Christians to support Trump, and that he should be removed from office. Predictably, Trump was not happy and responded this morning. There's a lot going on here. The magazine is far left? It supports someone who wants to take your guns? What's guns got to do with this? And he won't be reading "ET" any longer? Did he mean "CT"?  And if he did mean Christianity Today, does he think we believe he was actually reading it? 
  • I didn't watch the Democrat debate, but I see that there was a battle over "wine caves." I had seen the photograph of Buttigieg having a big time fundraiser in a fancy room, but I had no idea that's what the high-tone room was called. I was just couldn't get past the guy wearing shorts.

  • Sarah Sanders deleted a tweet last night and then apologized after she made fun of Joe Biden during the debate showing sympathy for those who stutter -- an ailment he has suffered from. #BeBest
  • I saw this photo captioned only with "43 Years Ago Today." I didn't remember it and had to look it up. That's from a NFL playoff game in Baltimore as the crowd was filing out. 
  • Christmas in Fort Worth in 1924.  That's not that long ago. Heck, my grandfather was a young man in 1924.
  • A Texas prosecutor is here because of President Obama's DACA program. He will also be deported if the Supreme Court agrees with Trump to kill the program. (I wonder if Mexico will also pay for a wall to keep him out once we kick him out.)
  • Speaking of Obama, what's he been up to? The video reminds you of how it used to be. 
  • There is a crazy case out of Austin right now involving a woman who went missing along with her three month old. Overnight her body was found in a trunk of a car at "a home" outside of Houston, but the baby was found alive inside. Fox 4 had a Twitter post about it early this morning, but I was stopped down by a comment. 

  • I looked at MDG Austin MAGA's account out of curiosity. It's so strange. Most of it is just retweets of right wing propaganda with a ton of retweets of Q Conspiracy theories. It has all the hallmarks of a Russian Bot, but I can't explain how it could specifically respond to a Fox 4 post.  Maybe a keyword generated response, but even that doesn't make sense. "Discernment."
  • Here's another funny one from the "Batman Signs" twitter account. Batman was in a pickle, but at least the Joker had applied for a patent. 
  • It seems like there are a lot of missing women out of Austin. The story on the front page isn't related to the woman found in the trunk overnight.