Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Atatiana Jefferson Case:
    • The officer was arrested on murder charges yesterday evening. That's shockingly quick. And I think it is odd that the Fort Worth PD was the arresting agency. Outside agencies are normally brought in when there is the appearance of the conflict of interest in that the default agency might be biased and be too easy on someone. In this case, should they have brought someone in so as not to appear too harsh? That is, is there a bias in trying to come off as the "good guys" simply to protect an agency reputation as a whole? 
    • Hey, I agree this case looks very, very bad for the officer, but everyone just needs to slow down. 
    • Any competent investigator would have consulted with the DA's office before making an arrest in a high profile case like this. You are just begging to be embarrassed or screw up a case if you don't. 
    • But the Tarrant County DA's office is in uncharted waters with this case. I've heard the case should go to the "Law Enforcement Integrity Unit" which is currently staffed by two assistant DA's. Both are ex-cops. One has never tried a case a prosecutor (and maybe never tried a case at all).  That could be a problem. 
    • Noteworthy even before there was an arrest:
    • Compare and Contrast: Anyone remember that a Denton deputy shot a guy in the back a month or so ago and the Denton County Sheriff's Office won't even release his name?
  • Impeachment bombshell: John Bolton -- of all people, John Bolton -- saw what was going on with Rudy Giuliani and the Ukraine and called it a "drug deal", wanted no part of it, called Giuliani a "hand grenade", and instructed Fiona Hill (who testified for nine hours yesterday in the Impeachment Inquiry) to notify the chief lawyer for the National Security Council about the Ukraine scheme. 
  • Remember in early September that John Bolton abruptly quit Trump with Trump claiming he was fired? Something was obviously amiss. Now we know. 
  • Will Hannity-Levin-Dobbs-Limbaugh et. al. say Bolton is part of the "Deep State," too? Even Dirty Liberals can't believe that Bolton will end up being an American Hero.
  • I don't know anything about a hazing incident in at Montgomery (TX) high school, but this lady looked like one mad momma after a school board meeting. I can't get this image out of my mind since I've seen it. (Video) Maybe it just reminds me of Mrs. LL's reaction to most of my life decisions.
  • The cold front across Texas late last week caused a lot of tire "air pressure low" lights to go on. I saw the following from a reporter out of Austin on Friday morning. People are so cheap they won't spend a buck (max) to fill up their own tire? Not to mention the time waste.  
  • With the world burning, Trump tweeted this yesterday morning. (He didn't tweet the photo, but that's Spicer from last night): 

  • What is going on here?
  • A company is liable for the negligence of its employees for incidents that occur within the course and scope of that employment. That's why Uber and Lfyt want their driver's to be considered independent contractors. And they aren't budging. (Every plaintiffs' lawyer is now banging his desk and yelling, "Just because they say it's so doesn't make it so!")
  • Troy Aikman says "at the end of the day" more often than I type "random . . . morning thoughts."
  • The cold front will begin in Wise County around 5:25 p.m.