Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not 100% sure because of my vantage point yesterday, but I think we have an all male jury hearing a felony case in Decatur right now. The case involves a shooting in Alvord during some cluster of an alleged robbery where everyone knew each other. I'm paraphrasing, but the defense lawyer in opening statements yesterday afternoon said something like, "This case involves someone young and stupid, and then others who I'll call dumb, dumber, and the dumbest." Brian Knox of the Messenger had his pad and pen out, so I hope he got it down.
  • This news is yet another reason for everyone to slow down. It may end up not making one bit of difference, but it is very important.   
  • That Jefferson case is sure being treated differently than those which came before it. Not too long ago, every government official would take a "let's just let the justice system do its job and takes its course" approach. In this case everyone -- from the mayor to the chief of police -- seems to default to, "He's guilty." 
  • Here's your friendly reminder than no one is giving away their expensive marijuana edibles to your kid during trick-or-treating.  Not in Denver. Not anywhere. There's a greater chance that someone will throw a $20 bill into their basket. 
  • The Bonnen/Sullivan tapes had some nuggets other than Republican backstabbing led by Empower Texans. Here's one where the Speaker of the House tells us what Austin thinks about local government:
  • A person who no one would want to hire (or hang around with) but for his last name warned us yesterday of the dangers of nepotism: 
  • Random volleyball thought: Decatur won a five set nail-bitter last night against Krum, but I was amazed how there was only about two seconds of celebration before the handshakes. Watch the final point here.  
  • Side note: I'm kind of surprised that the term "kills" is still used in high school volleyball stories. 
  • I've yet to dive into this story (warning: It's beyond complicated), but my head was spinning once I realized the headline concerned the "DWI Dude" out of Austin. 
  • A bunch of lawyers in Wichita Falls are trying to get a governor's appointment to a district judgeship which has become open. Frankly, I'm not sure why anyone should be appointed at all because the position will be on the ballot next March in the primary. Why wouldn't the governor's office just wait for the election and then appoint whoever wins so he/she could immediately take office?  Applicants include Ben Hoover (who graduated from Paradise High School), Meredith Kennedy, Tom Key, Greg King, and Dobie Kosub. The Wichita Falls paper got all of their application packets by an Open Records request. In any event, I'm getting old since I realized I've been licensed longer than every single one of them. 
  • I'm so old that yesterday I googled "Whatever happened to University of Texas running back Edwin Simmons?" (I did find out that there might be more to the story of being found naked in a backyard in Austin than just being "disoriented.") 
    Their jerseys didn't match back then?
  • For some reason, Trump is sending VP Pence to Turkey to try and get Turkey to stop the bloodshed which Trump gave them permission to create. In yet another embarrassment, Turkey's president this morning said that he won't meet with Pence and wants Trump to come instead.  We are now at a point where MAGA means that a low rate country can dupe an American president in a phone call and then order him around the next week. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold