Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • That's a lot of rain going on around Beaumont. 
  • The Cowboys flat out released Taco Charlton yesterday. This was the inside of the Dallas Morning News sports section yesterday morning:
  • The subject of the story below is William Brewer III out of Dallas whose "small law firm billed $24 million in fees in 13 months — leading top NRA board members to demand early this year that the organization stop paying until they could review the bills." It's not a flattering article with some shots like this taken: "Ted Lyon, a personal injury lawyer in Dallas who has battled Brewer in the past, said he was shocked that Brewer had 'convinced the NRA that he was some type of star litigator.'"  
  • Just google his old Dallas firm of Bickel and Brewer for an avalanche of stories about it. They made their reputation on flamboyant bickering in every lawsuit. Right out of law school, I was just a spare lawyer amongst a bunch of lawyers where either Bickel or Brewer (I can't remember which) was taking a deposition in downtown Dallas. It quickly degenerated into insane and unnecessary yelling and screaming. I was brand new but walked out there thinking, "What's that guy's deal?"
    1988 article in New York Times
  • By my count: There have been 224 misdemeanor marijuana cases filed in Wise County Court #1 this year which constitutes 24% of all criminal cases filed. 
  • Also by my count: There have been 113 "Penalty Group 2" cases filed in the Wise County felony court which also (and amazingly) constitutes 24% of all criminal cases filed. When you see Penalty Group 2, it is almost certainly THC cases involving the active ingredient of marijuana in a form that can legally be purchased in Colorado. (Edibles, vape cartidges, drinks.)
  • If you wonder what's been going on with all the car searches along highway 287, now you know. And if you all think that's a wise use of taxpayer money, have at it. (The vast majority of those in all aspects of law enforcement think its stupid, too, but say, "Hey, it's the law. What are we supposed to do?") 
  • Here's my breakdown of Class C tickets (punishable by fine only) filed in Wise County Justice of the Peace courts this year:
  • I didn't even know there was a Paradise, Texas Historical Society but here's a picture from their home page. My grandfather had a grocery store in downtown Paradise in the 1930s so I'm kind of fascinated about that downtown area. 
  • When you forge your wife's signature that she agreed not to be formally served with the divorce papers, forge the notary's signature, and then tell the judge at the divorce prove up hearing that the documents are true and correct, you're probably going to get in trouble. (The headline gives you the impression he's facing a felony simply for not telling her about it.) 
  • Man, Justin Trudeau is taking it in the shorts for this blackface photo. (And the media has found a couple of more overnight.)