Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I referred to the substance you put on your skin to prevent sunburn as "suntan lotion" yesterday, and the Kids-In-The-House for some reason thought that was hilarious. 
  • There was a time when I would monitor motorcycle deaths on here because it seemed like they were happening all the time. I still think they are death machines. 
  • I thought this pic was staged from a movie or something yet it actually was taken yesterday morning when a flash flood hit D.C.
    "Uh, I'm gonna be a little late."
  • The new UIL marching band rules might catch some people by surprise. "Anyone entering the first and third years of high school is required to see a doctor [for a physical], along with any seventh- or eighth-grade students who march in a band. In the second and fourth years of high school, a medical history form is required. All paperwork is due by Aug. 1."
  • Greg Abbott drives me insane. No politician panders more to the masses than him. "Despicable criminal"? First, the girl is legally a child. Secondly, she hasn't even been convicted and a former judge and Texas AG should know something about the presumption of innocence. (Heck, as far as any of us know she pulled the ice cream back out and bought it. Unlikely? Yes. But none of us know what actually happened.) Thirdly, he was silent when people died from listeria from Blue Bell in 2015 even though the company knew about the bacteria in one of its plants two years beforehand. 
  • Pete Delkus didn't predict Jack County and western Wise County being soaked yesterday morning. 
  • I don't have anything against the Jeffrey Epstein prosecution. But I've always had a huge problem with prosecutors grandstanding. This is grandstanding. 
  • It seems like in high profile criminal cases you often hear of the defendant as being a "flight risk" when the government is advocating no bond or a high bond. Name the last high profile case where the defendant did not show up for court. 
  • I like the story (stats like that never cease to amaze me), and I also like the illustrations. 
  • The Fifth Circuit today will hear oral arguments in a widely watched Obamacare case. As background, a federal judge in Fort Worth, who you've never heard of and whose only prior experience was five years as an assistant DA in Tarrant County, struck down the law. Why (especially since the Supreme Court had already upheld the law)? Because Trump's Congress repealed the penalty you have to pay on your income taxes if you choose not to obtain insurance. Since the Supreme Court only upheld Obamacare because the penalty was a "tax" and, because Congress has the authority to impose taxes, the court said Congress had authority to impose Obamacare. Ergo, if there is no longer a penalty/tax then Congress didn't have the authority to pass the health care law. I can't believe I'm saying this, but the federal judge might be right. 
  • I had no idea this happened two years ago. 
  • "See! Constitutional scholar Steve Doocy thinks I'm right!" We live in Idiocracy
  • The average rent in Dallas is $1,153.  And apartments are 94.9% full. 
  • We might have Tropical Storm Barry form in the gulf. At this point, it doesn't appear that it will become a devastating hurricane and thereby ruining my name forever. (I.e. Katrina.)
  • There is a 100% chance that the Change of Venue motion in the Amber Guyger case will be denied. And, despite their assertion, the defense team doesn't want it moved because of "media hysteria." They propose even moving the trial to Collin County. (For some reason I picture Seinfeld's Jackie Chiles saying, "This media hysteria is as bad as Blue Bell listeria!")